dental floss vr dental tape

Dental Tape vs Dental Floss

Regular dental hygiene helps keep your teeth and gums healthy. Your oral care routine should include using dental floss or dental tape on a daily basis. Either one could be beneficial for keeping your teeth clean.

What Is Dental Tape?

Most people are familiar with dental floss, a thin string used to clean between teeth and under the gums. Dental tape, a flat ribbon of floss, has the same purpose. Because of its shape, some people call it ribbon tape. Dental tape slides between the teeth and fits under the gums to clear away plaque, food debris and other foreign material.

Dental Tape vs Dental Floss

Dental tape and dental floss are very similar. Floss, though, is round in shape and quite thin. Dental tape is wider than floss, and it's flat instead of round. Many people can comfortably use floss or tape, but some prefer one or the other. Both floss and tape are available in waxed and unwaxed varieties as well as flavored and unflavored versions.

dental floss vr dental tape

Pros and Cons of Dental Tape

Whether you should choose floss or tape may depend on your mouth and your teeth. Understanding the pros and cons of dental tape may help you decide.

Pro: Good for Wide Spaces

Mouths and teeth come in all shapes and sizes. When teeth are spaced rather far apart, thin dental floss may seem tiny in comparison. It can take multiple passes of the floss to thoroughly clean out each gap. Because tape is wider, it can do a better job of filling the space and quickly cleaning the area. People with dental bridges may have similar success with dental tape.

Pro: Strong and Durable

Dental floss can't be too large, or it won't fit easily into tiny spaces. However, its thin, lightweight structure makes it rather easy to snap the string in half accidentally. Dental tape's unique flat design allows it to slide between teeth while also giving it a greater degree of strength.

Pro: Easy to Manipulate

Thin strings of floss can be hard to keep a grip on, especially if you have larger hands. You may find it easier to hold and manipulate dental tape.

Con: Tight in Small Spaces

People with close-together teeth may not have good luck with dental tape. The ribbons may be too wide to slide easily between the teeth. Even if they do go in, they might get stuck. As a result, people with crowded teeth usually do better with floss.

Con: Less Common

Everyone is familiar with dental floss, but you hear about dental tape less often. Similarly, companies usually produce more dental floss than tape. Your favorite brand may not have as many tape options.


Con: Not Eco-Friendly options available

Seems like most Environmentally friendly options in the market are round or slightly flat.  Dental tape is made of nylon and is not biodegradable.

Choose The Best Floss For Your Teeth

Some people do best with dental floss. Others, especially those with wide spaces between their teeth, may prefer to use dental tape. Either product, though, could play a critical role in your daily dental routine. What's most important isn't which product you choose; it's that you make sure to use it every day.  Check our Eco Friendly options to reduce your impact in the environment.  

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