A combination of a simply crafted mixture and the perfect antibacterial combination to help target:

✓Gum disease.  Inflammation.  Bleeding.  Neutralizes bacteria in mouth.

Gum and teeth sensitivity.  Removes stain buildup on teeth.

Refreshes mouth leaving clean and pleasant breath.

Helps sooth scratchy, sore throats.

Our Mouthwash is the perfect addition to your medicinal cabinet!

With Organic essential oils of Peppermint, Sage, Tea tree and Oregano to give your mouth what it needs to detoxify itself and achieve perfect balance.

NO Alcohol. NO Sugar. NO Fluoride. NO Glycerin.  ✓YES VEGAN 

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Organic Whitening Mouthwash in Glass Bottle
Teeth Whitening Mouthwash 12 oz
Mini Bamboo Cup