We believe a beautiful smile with healthy vibrant teeth bring us happiness as well as to those whom we share our smiles with !

We started looking for alternative toothpastes many years ago when we learned about fluoride and its negative effects on our health. We were content but not satisfied using organic toothpaste, our teeth didn't feel sparkly clean and some stains build up over time.

We started researching on how to whiten teeth naturally and surprisingly arrived to activated charcoal! crazy a black element will make teeth whiter. We tried it and wow...we were hooked. this was a once a week routine, then we made a tooth powder to clean our teeth everyday, of course it was not as pleasant to use as a paste is. Our teeth never felt cleaner and whiter.  

After much research and experiments we arrived to Lucky Teeth! family members and including us who had problems with bleeding gums, and sensitive teeth noticed it healed us.  We didn't have to visit the dentist every three months any more for a deep cleaning.  We realized we had medicine in a jar that would not only whiten our teeth but will heal our mouths.  Our family and friends love it and we are sure you will too. Is not only about cleaning your teeth anymore, is about feeding them.

Besides toothpaste, we love to nourish our bodies and souls every day ! We cook and bake lots, sprout, ferment, go to the beach and get plenty of sunshine, read and listen inspirational authors that bring us closer to the wonderful beings we are and the universe.

Please write us any time, we would love to hear from you.


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