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5 Periodontitis Symptoms That You Should Take care of As Soon As You See

Oral health is reflective of your whole body health. Many consider their teeth to be something "other" than themselves. They don't understand that teeth are living organisms just like their skin cells or their organs. This misunderstanding leads them to make unhealthy choices that can negatively impact their oral health and lead to periodontitis. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, occurs when the tissues that make up your gums become infected. The consequences of gum disease can be severe. Here are a few symptoms of periodontitis that you should know. 

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A Sustainable Tooth Care Routine  and Zero Waste Dental Hygiene Tips

A Sustainable Tooth Care Routine and Zero Waste Dental Hygiene Tips

Zero waste is a philosophy that you live your life without wasting anything. Every material that makes up the items that you use are recyclable. You can reuse them in some capacity later. This might be difficult to achieve for some people because they're not aware of whether or not the materials in the items they use are biodegradable or recyclable. Some methods and materials may advertise as being zero-waste but may actually use methods that add to the carbon footprint after all. To ensure you have a sustainable and zero waste  tooth care routine, see our following tips
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