Anti Cavity Diet: Is It Possible To Prevent Cavities by Choosing The Right Food?

Anti Cavity Diet: Is It Possible To Prevent Cavities by Choosing The Right Food?

Cavities are no fun for anyone. They’re painful and unattractive. Getting them filled is an unpleasant activity, too. So what if you could prevent cavities from forming in the first place? The right diet may help you maintain strong, healthy teeth for years to come.

What Is Anti Cavity Diet?

Your teeth are an important asset. A healthy smile looks great. It also feels great. Tooth decay, on the other hand, can be painful. It may even play a role in health conditions like heart disease and lung disease. Choosing an anti-cavity diet means eating foods to support your overall tooth health. With the right meals, you may be able to ward off oral disease or even reverse decay.

Cavities Can Be Healed With Diet?

Wait, can you actually fix cavities with the food you eat? Dr. Weston A. Price thought so! Nearly a century ago, this researcher explored the connections between nutrition and dental health.

Teeth are made of minerals. Dr. Price noticed that people whose diets were low in key minerals often experienced significant tooth decay. On the other hand, improving people’s diets seemed to remineralize their cavities. If you choose an anti-cavity diet, you might experience similar results.

Foods to Eat

Cheese and yogurt are often touted as top foods for teeth. These foods contain calcium and beneficial enzymes. Plus, munching on cheese increases the amount of saliva in your mouth. The saliva washes bacteria away from your teeth.

You’ll need other mineral-rich foods in your diet, too. Examples include bone broth, liver, pastured eggs, fish and green veggies. If you make sure to eat all of these foods regularly, you’ll treat yourself to plentiful amounts of vitamins A, B, C D, E and K2. Other benefits will include calcium, iron, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium and more.

In addition to these foods, you can also chew xylitol gum and take fermented cod liver oil supplements.

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Foods to Avoid

Eating an anti-cavity diet isn’t just about loading up on good-for-you foods. It’s also about removing unhealthier items from your plate. Sugar and processed foods are top items to avoid. You shouldn’t fill up on vegetable oils either. Grains, in general, can be problematic, but refined grains that haven’t been soaked or sprouted could cause you the most trouble. As for drinks, give your teeth a break by staying away from coffee and soda.

How Digestion Issues Affect Your Teeth?

Frequent indigestion can be hard on your teeth. The acids in your digestive tract can damage your tooth enamel. If you experience gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), then you surely know the burning feeling of a heartburn episode. The same acid that causes the fiery sensation in your chest can also reach your back teeth. Each time it does, it may wear away a little more of your enamel.

If you deal with GERD, changing your diet might help lessen the attacks. Experts recommend avoiding coffee, soda, tomato sauce, chocolate and fried foods. Instead, opt for fiber-rich whole grains and vegetables. Foods with high water content, such as celery and watermelon can be beneficial too.

Take Care of Your Teeth Organic Ingredients

While eating right is an important part of tooth health, it’s not the only component. The products you use on your teeth play a key role as well. When you use organic toothpaste, bamboo brushes, biodegradable floss and essential-oil mouthwash, you can rest assured that you’re doing your very best to ensure a healthy smile.

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