Reasons to Use Gluten Free Mouthwash

Reasons to Use Gluten Free Mouthwash

Protect Your Teeth and Stop Using Dental Products with Gluten

Recently, there has been a massive popularity in avoiding certain foods that contain gluten. This is because many people unknowingly suffer from a gluten allergy. Wheat today is not the same t was many years ago, it is being massively sprayed with pesticides and chemicals that are retained in the grain and consumed by all of us. The reason why gluten can actually increase the chances of developing celiac disease in members who are pre-disposed to it. Celiac disease can lead to several other concerning problems down the line. While normal consumption of an organic clean source of gluten is safe, using dental products that also contain gluten from unknown sources can introduce pesticides and allergens unnecessary in the body.

Here are few reasons why the addition of gluten may cause problems.

1. Avoid Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that is considered serious. This disease occurs when someone eats a product that has gluten in it. Their immune system then responds to the presence of gluten as if it were a foreign invader.

The biggest problem is that the immune system actually attacks the small intestine in the process. In particular, the small fibers that rest along the small intestine and are responsible for nutrient absorption are damaged. If too much damage occurs, then the body can no longer take in nutrients as well as before.

Without nutrients, other problems and diseases are more likely to develop.

The problem with celiac disease is that it can occur at any time. Even if you were consuming gluten products beforehand, you may not realize that you're actually harming yourself until the symptoms emerge more drastically later.

If celiac disease is left untreated, then other serious health problems may occur.

2. Delayed Dental Development

Gluten can also cause delayed dental development. Children who suffer from celiac disease, in particular, will discover that their baby teeth won't fall out at the normal rate. This is because it takes longer for the skeletal system to form. The eruption of the teeth will be delayed as well.

As a result, your child may not be able to feed themselves until later in life. This can also cause speech development problems. Your child may have a more difficult problem learning in school or face bullying from other children.

3. Recurrent Canker Sores

An unpleasant experience that anyone can suffer from is canker sores. Technically ulcers, these canker sores are even more common if you eat or use gluten products. Because canker sores can cause a lot of pain, especially when you eat certain foods, having them frequently can make your life miserable.

The best way to avoid recurrent canker sores is to avoid gluten products. Using gluten-free products like mouthwashes can be a great way to keep your teeth healthy and avoid sores.

4. Increase Cavities

Another problem that gluten can offer is an increase in cavities. While scientists are still studying why gluten leads to this increase, one of the leading theories is that it decreases the presence of calcium and phosphorous in the mouth. Calcium was, instead, shown to be absorbed into the soft tissue of the gums. As a result, the teeth are weakened and bacteria can breach the enamel more easily. 

The Solution

All of these problems occur when too much gluten is consumed. To ensure you can still eat foods with gluten in them, you'll want to use dental products, like mouthwashes, that are gluten-free. Not only are these products free of pesticides that gluten contains, but they also ensure that you're not consuming gluten from a questionable source.

Gluten-freen mouthwashes protect your teeth, and the rest of your body, from excessive gluten consumption and pesticides. Whether you are allergic to gluten or not, you can benefit from them.

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