Benefits of Clove Oil For Teeth

3 Benefits Of Clove Oil For Teeth

You will find clove oil benefits for teeth in this article.

As an essential oil, clove oil is a powerhouse that offers tons of health benefits for your body. When used on your teeth, it can also offer benefits that normal toothpaste can't. Here's what you need to know about clove oil and the benefits it can provide for your oral health.

What Is Clove Oil?

Clove oil comes from the clove tree which is found in Southeast Asia. Its flower buds are taken and dried. Then they're distilled to create clove oil. Sometimes the leaves and stem of the tree are also used to create clove oil. What makes clove oil so poweful is its constituents of eugenol, esters, and sesquiterpenes.  

The color of the oil ranges from translucent to a light yellow. It also has a spicy aroma that's considered strong. Outside of oral health care, clove oil has been found to be effective in killing bacteria, easing digestion, and helping with respiratory issues.

How It Affects The Earth

Clove Oil For Earth

Many zero-waste practitioners prefer to use clove oil over other means of taking care of their teeth because it can be easily re-planted. Clove oil is a renewable resource. Since it comes from a tree, new buds can be planted. This ensures that there's always a supply of clove oil without hurting the environment in the process.

The process of creating clove oil is also harmless. Whereas other products may use fossil fuels in order to create the product, clove oil is environmentally-friendly in every aspect.

Does Clove Oil Heal Teeth?

Clove oil provides relief from pain if you suffer from a toothache. Because it has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, it can also keep your gums healthy, mouth and throat infections.

Eugenol is the chemical that gives clove its spicy scent and pungent flavor. When applied to gum tissues, it creates a warming sensation that Chinese herbalists believe treat yang deficiencies.

As a result, your teeth may become healthier. By killing bacteria, it can keep it from causing more cavities or prevent gum disease.

The Benefits Of Clove Oil For Teeth

There are a few benefits that you can experience when you choose to use toothpaste that includes clove oil. Here are some of them.

Clove Oil Eases Toothaches

One of the main reasons that people use clove oil in their toothpaste is because it can temporarily relieve toothaches. It cuts down on the amount of inflammation that occurs. In so doing, the pain is lessened. 

This makes it an ideal choice for those who suffer from regular toothaches, or are suffering from a random toothache, and are unable to visit the dentist any time soon. 

Clove Oil Destroys Bacteria

Because clove oil destroys bacteria, you'll have less of a risk of developing gum disease or plaque. Bacteria slowly eats away at your gums. It can also cavities when it manages to enter through a crack in your enamel. Clove oil can stop bacteria from destroying your teeth and gums.

Since clove oil kills harmful bacteria, there are some dental care treatments like clove oil for tooth decay, clove oil for cavity and clove oil for toothache.

Clove Oil Can Help Asthma

If you suffer from a respiratory problem, then brushing your teeth with clove oil may also help. Because it's often used to clear respiratory passages, when you use clove oil on your teeth, you're also breathing in its aroma. That can help clear your lungs and nasal cavity. You may find it easier to breathe.

Dental Care With Clove Oil; How to Use It for Teeth

Dental Care With Clove Oil

There are a few different ways that you can use clove oil on your teeth. The first is to use toothpaste that includes clove oil in its recipe. You simply brush your teeth, gums, and tongue as normal with the toothpaste.

You can also buy clove oil on its own, but should never be applied to the gums undiluted as it can cause irritation and may lead to toxicity. All you need to do is to dilute it using a carrier oil, dab or spread it over affected area for a certain amount of time. Then you can rinse it out with water.  

Teeth Care Product That Contains Clove Oil:

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You can experience great health benefits by using our Organic Remineralizing toothpaste. It contains clove oil as well as several other essential oils designed to improve your oral health. Try it today and make your teeth cleaner than ever.


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