Teeth Care Habits

Organize Your Bathroom Shelf To Unbreak Your Teeth Care Habits

One reason why people don't brush their teeth properly is that it takes time. You can make your oral routine more efficient by ensuring you have an organized bathroom shelf. When your shelf is organized, you can quickly grab what you need. Then you can breeze through your oral routine and be on your way. Here are a few tips on how to improve your routine and break bad habits of not cleaning your teeth properly.

It Is Important To Have a Teeth Care Routine

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires more than just choosing to brush them every once in a while. It requires a routine that you stick to every day. Your routine should include the following steps.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

Teeth Care Habits

You should brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. This may seem like a long time, but you can make it go faster by playing a bit of music. When your brain is engaged with something else, it can make the brushing duration seem to go by quickly.

You should also designate two times of the day in which you brush. That may be brushing before you go to work and before you go to bed, or it may be something else that fits your schedule a bit better.

The important part is making sure that you brush the correct number of times and with the correct amount of time.

Use Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Tongue Cleaner

Your routine should also involve a few different steps. First, a tongue cleaner, or scraper, is often overlooked. It's just as essential as your toothbrush. Bacteria live on your tongue. The only way to effectively remove it is to scrape it off.

Brush your teeth with organic toothpaste. This effectively cleans your mouth without introducing anything harmful to it in the process.

Floss Your Teeth

Flossing removes plaque and bacteria that lurk between the spaces of your teeth. It'll keep your teeth and gums healthy.  Some choose to floss before brushing others after brushing, is up to you.  

Your final step should be to rinse your mouth with an organic mouthwash. This also ensures that the smaller cracks and crevices in your mouth are thoroughly cleaned.

3 Tips To Organize Your Bathroom Shelf

Here are a few tips you can use to keep your bathroom shelf organized and make brushing your teeth more efficient.

1. Use Toothbrush Holder

You can cut down on the amount of time it takes to find your toothbrush by using a toothbrush holder. The holder should also be in easy reach. You may want to rest it on a small shelf instead of inside a medicine cabinet for easy access.

2. Line the Shelf According to Routine

The shelf should also be aligned with your routine. The toothbrush holder should be the first in line. Then you should have your mouthwash next to it. After that comes your tongue scraper. Finally, your floss should be at the end.

Keeping your cleaning routine in a line allows you to quickly grab them and get the job done.

3. Keep a Bluetooth Speaker on the Shelf

If you want to use music to help time your brushing, then you should also have a speaker on the shelf. This allows you to immediately start playing music as soon as you start your brushing. Keep the speaker on the shelf to ensure you don't have to waste time looking for it.

Take Care of Nature As You Do To Your Teeth

The kind of products you use is as important as using them. At Lucky Teeth, we have natural and organic products that keep your mouth clean as well as the earth. By protecting nature, you can do your part in keeping the environment safe all while protecting your oral health.

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