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Our organic Mouthwash is a must have in your oral care routine, we have may customers who love the simplicity yet efficiency and versatility of it.  Its Healing to your gums, teeth and your throat.  
  • Food grade peroxide to whiten teeth, refresh mouth, heal gums and help sooth scratchy, sore throats.

  • NO Alcohol, NO sugar, NO fluoride, NO glycerin & NO gluten.

  • Essential oils to target gum disease, inflammation, bleeding, gum and teeth sensitivity.

  • Use in combination of Lucky teeth tooth paste for improved results. Tested on family and friends NOT animals.


Gum disease, inflammation, bleeding. Neutralizes bacteria in the mouth. Gum and teeth sensitivity. Removes stain build-up on teeth. Refreshes mouth leaving clean and pleasant breath. Helps sooth scratchy, sore throats.


Distilled Water, food-grade hydrogen peroxide, Mentha Piperita (organic peppermint) oil, Salvia Officinalis (organic sage) oil, origanum Vulgare (organic oregano) oil, melaleuca alternifolia (organic tea tree) leaf oil.

Our Mouthwash is the perfect addition to your medicinal cabinet!


1. Brush teeth and gums with lucky teeth toothpaste.

2. Swirl a cup full (1 TBS) of mouthwash for at least 30 seconds twice a day. The best time to use is after meals.

3. Discard liquid in the sink. * For sore, scratchy throats gargle a few minutes 3 times / 3 times a day.

For optimum results Wait at least 15 min to drink or eat again after rinsing.

Enjoy your refreshed, minty, bright teeth and mouth!

How Important Is Mouthwash For Teeth

Most people use mouthwash after brushing their teeth. While using mouthwash is a great way to remove lingering bacteria in your mouth, the kind of mouthwash you’re using could actually be damaging your teeth further.

Commercially made mouthwash doesn’t typically use food-grade hydrogen peroxide which can negatively impact your enamel. Enamel is an important defense barrier that keeps your teeth from developing cavities and gum disease.

Without its protective layer, you’re essentially leaving your teeth open for attack. While you should still include mouthwash into your nightly routine for cleaning your teeth, you might want to consider using a completely natural Mouthwash, At Lucky Teeth, food-grade peroxide is packed with powerful ingredients.

Benefits when using Lucky Teeth Mouthwash

Teeth Whitening

Many turn to mouthwash as a way to whiten their teeth. However, the method that they utilize to whiten teeth can also strip away the enamel from it.

Our mouthwash uses food-grade peroxide. Food-grade means it’s safe for human consumption and free of stabilizers, phenol, acetanilide, sodium stagnate, tetrasodium phosphate commonly found in conventional peroxide. At Lucky Teeth we use a diluted amount that allows the whitening of your teeth without damaging them in the process. Commercial peroxide is undiluted and removes the enamel from your teeth over time.

Removes Bad Bacteria

Everyone knows that bacteria exist in their mouths. Not all of the bacteria are bad. Yet certain toothpaste and mouthwashes will remove all of the bacteria inside of your mouth. This is a problem. Our mouthwash instead offers to balance bacteria. It removes the bad bacteria that cause problems like sore throats, bleeding gums, tongue sores, and other problems.

Yet it also keeps the good bacteria, so that your mouth is still able to defend itself against the bad bacteria should it return. Because of this, our mouthwash can help you if you suffer from frequent health problems like tongue sores, sore throats, and bleeding gums. The key is to balance bacteria.

Remove Stains

One other reason that our mouthwash can be a great benefit is that it can remove stains on your teeth. Food-grade peroxide helps in a gentle way without damaging enamel. When used with our organic remineralizing toothpaste, those stains are absorbed and removed more effectively.

Relieve Sore Throats

Oregano oil or peppermint oil are natural ingredients with astonishing antibacterial properties. When used on their own, they can fight bacteria and kill germs. When used in our Mouthwash, it’s possible that they can also help reduce sore throats.

By the time that you receive a sore throat, it’s likely that the bacteria has spread past your tongue and throat already. It may be in your blood attempting to attack cells. While a natural mouthwash may not be able to reach very far, the natural ingredients can likely provide some relief for the surface of your throat and start acting to prevent the spread.

Sore throats occur due to the body’s inflammatory response. The body heats up and becomes inflamed in order to burn the germs out of the system. The effect that you feel is a sore throat.

Since natural ingredients often have anti-inflammatory properties, they can help soothe your throat and reduce the inflammation that you’re experiencing. Couple this with its ability to kill bacteria, and you have a potentially effective method to soothe sore throats.

How Else Can Lucky Teeth Mouthwash Help?

Besides soothing sore throats, our natural mouthwash is gentler on your teeth and gums. It does not contain additives or harsh chemicals. Because of this, many people who have sensitive gums or teeth may find relief by using this natural mouthwash.

If you’ve ever experienced a burning sensation in your mouth while using mouthwash, then it was likely because of the presence of alcohol. That burning sensation can become too powerful for those with sensitive teeth and gums. Natural mouthwashes don’t contain alcohol. As a result, you won’t have an unpleasant burning sensation when you use them.

Finally, our organic whitening mouthwash can help those with conditions that promote tooth decay like Diabetes. Because they’re natural, they won’t impede other medications and are gentle enough for anyone to use.

Not All Mouthwashes are Created Equal

Whether you’re looking for a certain kind of peroxide mouthwash to use for your sore throat or just to have mouthwash, you should be aware of the good and bad kinds of mouthwashes. This is typically split between synthetic mouthwash and natural mouthwash.

Synthetic mouthwash is the kind of commercially-made mouthwash with brands that you recognize. They contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals to destroy bacteria. Their primary ingredient is alcohol. The problem with synthetic mouthwashes is that they use a lot of chemicals that scientists aren’t sure about yet. The long-term effect on them on human gums and teeth is unknown. All scientists do know is that they’re harsh.


1. Don’t Dilute with Water

Our Mouthwash can have a strong flavor, and you may feel tempted to dilute it with water to help ease its flavor. This isn’t a practice that you should undergo.

Diluting it with water makes the wash less effective. You may not kill all of the bacteria in your mouth. Simply place the correct amount of mouthwash inside of your mouth as it is.

2. Swirl The Mouthwash for 30 Seconds For Your Teeth Health

People typically don’t use mouthwash correctly because they don’t time themselves. Organic mouthwashes require the full 30 seconds to effectively kill bacteria. The best way to ensure that you’re swirling for the correct amount of time is to use a stopwatch on your phone. You can also choose to play a song and keep an eye on the progress of the song.

Swirling is also important. This action involves the use of the tongue to move the mouthwash around your mouth. You should also be applying suction and pressure with your cheeks to move the wash across the back of your teeth and against your tongue.

3. Gargle With Mouthwash for 10 Seconds

Another step that users of mouthwash typically forget is to gargle. A lot of bacteria exist in the back of your throat since that’s where mucus gathers. When you get a sore throat, for example, it’s that area that typically becomes infected. During your 30-second swirling, perhaps even right at the end, gargle with the wash for 10 seconds.

Exposed to the natural mouthwash, the bacteria will perish, and you’ll be able to fend off a sore throat.

4. Spit and Don’t Rinse

After the 30 seconds is over, you’ll want to spit the mouthwash into the sink. It’s vital that you don’t rinse your mouth with water afterward. The mouthwash needs to linger inside of your mouth for several minutes. It’s also important that you don’t drink anything for at least a half-hour after using a mouthwash.

Can I use Mouthwash as Toothpaste?

Those who eat a lot of sticky or gummy foods may not find that they receive the best results when switching to a mouthwash-only oral care routine. This is because the rinse isn’t powerful enough to scrub off the food particles from their teeth.

Those who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, on the other hand, may have a better time of it. Vegetables that are high in fiber, especially, can help scrub your teeth for you.

Another reason that you might not want to rely on just mouthwash to clean your teeth is if you suffer from a condition like Diabetes where tooth decay is rampant. In that instance, you want to do everything you can to ensure you’re practicing good oral habits.

Is It Right For You?

Ultimately, using just mouthwash to clean your teeth is relative to the person. Everyone has different needs and dietary habits. You may find that a mouthwash rinse is all your teeth need to be clean. Others may need the additional scrubbing that toothbrushes provide.

Choose Organic Products For Your Oral Health

Every ingredient that is put into your mouth its absorbed directly into your body, choosing natural, chemical-free and Organic ingredients in your oral care products will ensure optimum overall health! Do not just trust “Natural” on the labels, read ingredients very carefully and do your research, so many called natural ingredients/additives have side effects on your health. We care about your health, Thanks for your support !

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Organic Whitening Mouthwash - Teeth Whitening Mouthwash.

Organic Whitening Mouthwash - Teeth Whitening Mouthwash.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great mouthwash

It is very refreshing and cleansing.

Fresh Feeling

I have been looking for a long time a good organic mouthwash & toothpaste that truly makes your mouth feel clean, refreshed!!!!!! I am sure that I have found it with Lucky teeth. I love the mouth wash it makes my mouth feel Tingley, fresh and I am so glad that I can read the ingredients and know that they are good ingredients for my health. I wish I would have found this when I was younger, but hopefully using this every day I will be able to keep my teeth in my old age!! :o) :o) Thank you Lucky Teeth can't wait to make my 2nd order. I know that it isn't cheap, but my health means a lot to me and I will continue to use!!

Mark Charnow
Lucky Teeth Mouthwash

Have been using the organic whitening mouthwash for quite a while and does a great job. It does work also as an irrigant in the waterpik even though wish Lucky Teeth would make an irrigant solely for the water pik. Do enjoy all of Lucky Teeths products. Thank you.

Sylvia Fahnler

Best mouthwash Ive ever tried... feels fresh and clean without being too sharp, intensive or irritating... my teeth and gums are much better since I use lucky teeth toothpaste and mouthwash, no more inflammations, love these products!

Mark Charnow
Organic whitening mouthwash

Does make you mouth feel good.I do also use as an irrigant putting about 3 drops in waterpik. Do though wish you had an irrigant for the waterpik. Still this is a great product.