Lucky Teeth organic toothpaste and Organic Mouthwash plastic jars are PET and are easy to recycle, you can find many uses to reuse them at home as well !  We also have our TRADE IN Program to make sure they are reused or properly disposed.


An Eco friendly, organic oral care goodness that will make your daily routine worth its time.  

✓Made in US.

✓Pure wholesome ingredients that our bodies can recognize and assimilate.

✓No preservatives, no fillers, no binding agents, no ingredients you cannot pronounce.

 ✓Organic pure carrier oils and essential oils.

Our products may help : Balance bacteria in your mouth, Heal your teeth and gums, Reverse tooth decay & Remineralize.  

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Teeth Whitening Mouthwash 12 oz
Natural Toothpaste 2oz
Charcoal and Regular Toothpaste Pack
Organic Oral Care Pack - Mouthwash (12oz) and Toothpaste (2oz)
Extra Whitening Organic Charcoal Toothpaste 2oz
Charcoal and Regular  Mixed Organic Toothpaste Pack
Oral Care Travel Kit