What Is Homeopathy

What Is Homeopathy? How Can It Help To Sensitive Teeth?

Have you considered homeopathic medicines for dental care? Home remedies may provide an extra dental health boost if you need supplements to traditional oral care. 

What is homeopathic medicine, and how can it treat tooth sensitivity? We have all the answers. 

Why Consider Homeopathy For Dental Care

Sensitive teeth can ruin your life. It makes it difficult to eat and enjoy certain beverages. Chronic tooth pain can also affect sleep habits and daily comfort.

In addition to traditional dental treatment, you can use several different ways to treat sensitive teeth. Some are more effective than others. One of those methods is homeopathy. Here’s what you need to know about sharp teeth and homeopathy.

Do You Have Sensitive Teeth Issues?

Sensitive teeth describe a condition in which your teeth or gums experience pain. It can also occur after brushing your teeth. It usually follows eating or drinking something hot or cold.

Sometimes sensitive teeth herald the beginning of a cavity, but this isn’t always the case. Some people have a thinner layer of enamel than others. As a result, their dentin is more exposed. When temperatures, food, or other objects come into contact with the dentin, it gives off pain.

Sensitive teeth can happen chronically or only sometimes. It may occur in one tooth or several teeth.

Another reason you may have sensitive teeth is that you brush your teeth too hard. Excessive brushing or using worn-out bristles can create tiny scratches on your teeth and gums. When they’re exposed to extreme temperatures or touched, they hurt.


Other Painful Oral Conditions That Can Benefit From Homeopathic Medicines

What other tooth problems may require a homeopathic approach? We can list several conditions.

Bleeding Gums

If plaque builds up along the gum line, it can cause the gums to bleed from inflammation. While this buildup may not cause complications in the short term, it can develop into diseases like periodontitis in the long run. 


Sickness can cause cold sores and blisters. These can prove painful. Windburn and extreme sun can also chap lips beyond what store-bought ointments can soften.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction And Recovery

Many wisdom teeth require removal for health and comfort reasons. Some, however, may suffer from an infection. Others may enter crooked or become impacted. 


What Is Homeopathic Treatment?

Homeopathic treatment is a type of treatment that can be used to reduce sensitive teeth pain. The common philosophy behind homeopathic treatments is to cure like with like. It’s a thinking that exposing oneself to small doses of certain plants and minerals can help engage the body’s natural defensive system.


It’s a way to kickstart the immune system, fight disease, and heal the body faster. An example might be to eat or drink something that contains red onions. Since red onions often cause the eyes to water, they can help clear up allergies. Patients can use homeopathic treatments to reduce sensitive teeth, too.


7 Homeopathic Remedies For Toothache

You can try a few different homeopathic remedies to ease your toothache. Here are some of them. Remember that these may require medical supervision, so always conduct a professional before using these remedies.


One way to reduce sensitive teeth is with phosphorous. This mineral exists in your bones and plays a role in keeping your body healthy. It can also reduce the bleeding that you experience in your gums.

You can find a phosphorous remedy at any store that sells homeopathic treatments. Take as small a dose as possible once a day.

Mercurius Solubilis

This homeopathic treatment treats people with severely sensitive teeth. Mercurius is best suited for those who notice that their teeth tend to become loose and decay often. Those with chronic tenderness, bleeding, or swollen gums may find relief.

It can help rid the mouth of bad breath, reduce swelling in your saliva glands, and reduce salivation. You’ll also find this remedy at most homeopathic stores.

Coffea Cruda

If you only experience sensitive teeth when you drink or eat something hot or cold, you may benefit from using Coffea Cruda. This remedy aims to help protect your teeth from extreme temperatures.

In particular, it reduces the pain that you experience. You’ll find this remedy at your local homeopathic store. Take a small dose once a day.


If your teeth are extra sensitive after visiting the dentist, you may find using chamomilla helpful. Chamomilla sometimes works even when traditional painkillers don’t. It balances the individual’s nerve response, reducing pain and tooth sensitivity.


If you tend to brush hard, then spreading a calendula tincture can help. It reduces inflammation and infection, which can significantly improve your sensitivity. All you need to do is applied it against your gums and teeth to feel its effects.

You’ll want to use a small dosage, like any homeopathic treatment. Speak with a homeopathic doctor to understand your exact dosage requirements.

Magnesia Carbonica 

When the weather changes, do you have hot or cold food sensitivity or tooth pain? Magnesia Carbonica is designed to treat these symptoms and relieve such pain. 

Sometimes patients have a more significant amount of tooth pain at night. Arnica can relieve this pain. 


Wisdom tooth extraction requires a recovery period depending if the teeth are abscessed or impacted, necessitating further surgery. The same goes for a round of fillings, especially for permanent teeth.

Some homeopathic experts recommend arnica for pain relief. It can also assist with any hemorrhages. 


Consider Other Homeopathic Medicine Recommendations From Lucky Teeth

Lucky Teeth wants to ensure that you have alternatives to traditional medicine. Natural herbs and toothpaste sometimes benefit you more than conventional drugs and over-the-counter products. 

To find out more about boosting your oral health, please reach out to us today. Let Lucky Teeth assist with extreme sensitivity. 

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