The Right Size Of Toothbrush For Your Teeth and Gums

The Right Size Of Toothbrush For Your Teeth and Gums

Finding the Brush That Fits Your Mouth

In the world of dental care, size does matter. People frequently use the wrong kind of toothbrush size as well as the incorrect amount of toothpaste. Advertising is typically to blame for this. Before you buy your next toothbrush, make sure that you're getting the one that fits your mouth the best. Here are a few tips to consider.

1. Bigger Toothbrush Doesn't Mean Cleans Better

Some people may believe that if they purchase a large toothbrush, then they'll clean their teeth twice as fast. This isn't necessarily true. While you may be able to cover a wider surface area, the awkward fit may mean that you miss out on cleaning harder to reach areas.

A large toothbrush is difficult to use. It can't sweep into the gaps between your teeth as easily as a smaller toothbrush can. When it comes to cleaning your teeth, you should instead find a length of brush that simply fits your mouth the most comfortably.

When it comes to cleaning your gums, then a larger toothbrush may be acceptable. Gums take up a lot of surface area. They also don't have any gaps that require careful angling with your compostable bamboo toothbrush. Using a wider-head toothbrush is acceptable for brushing your gums.

2. Choose The Right Stem Length

Bamboo Toothbrush

Besides the head of the brush, the length of the stem is just as important. Even using organic toothpaste doesn't mean your teeth are going to be cleaned effectively if you're unable to hold the brush correctly. Shorter stems may look less bulky and take up less space, but they're also not as easy to use.

Some people may even experience carpal tunnel since they have to cramp their hands tightly in order to use the brush. Using a longer stem not only affords more comfort, but it also means that you can handle the brush easier. It's easier to angle the brush against your teeth and gums without having to contort your wrist or mouth.

3. Consider the Bristle Length

When it comes to the size of your toothbrush, the length of the bristles is also vital. You want to make sure that your organic toothpaste reaches every part of your teeth and gums. The best way to do that is to use a toothbrush with long bristles. The longer the bristles are, the better chance they have of reaching those otherwise hard to reach areas.

Long bristles can reach down to the root of your gums without much effort. This makes cleaning your teeth more efficient and effective.

4. Brush Angle

Some toothbrushes are also built with strange angles. You may find one a tapered head. While the shape may seem like it'd be more effective in reaching certain areas, it largely depends on how the rest of the brush measures up. For example, even with a tapered head, the stem may be too short for the angle to be effective. Or the length of the bristles may be short. In most cases, using a traditional toothbrush shape will clean your teeth and gums the best.

Choose Our Biodegradable Products Today

When you're looking for the toothbrush that fits your mouth best, then you need to consider the brush head's length, the length of the stem, and the length of the bristles. A smaller head can help clean the finer details in your mouth. A longer stem aids comfort and flexibility. Longer bristles can help reach down deep into the gaps between your teeth. Check out our inventory for natural products that can fit your mouth and provide a healthy clean mouth.

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