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Pros and Cons of Mouthwash: How Important Is Mouthwash For Teeth

Most people use mouthwash after brushing their teeth. While using mouthwash is a great way to remove lingering bacteria in your mouth, the kind of mouthwash you’re using could actually be damaging your teeth further.

Commercially made mouthwash doesn’t typically use food grade hydrogen peroxide which can negatively impact your enamel. Enamel is an important defense barrier that keeps your teeth from developing cavities and gum disease.

Without its protective layer, you’re essentially leaving your teeth open for attack. While you should still include mouthwash into your nightly routine for cleaning your teeth, you might want to consider using a peroxide mouthwash that’s made of natural ingredients.

Our mouthwash from Lucky Teeth could be the exact solution that you need for healthy teeth. Here’s why.

Alcohol Free

Using an alcohol-based mouthwash can harm your teeth. Our mouthwash is alcohol free which is a benefit to you because alcohol-based mouthwashes only reduce the amount of saliva you have in your mouth instead of removing bad breath problems.

This is a bad consequence because you need saliva to remove bad bacteria in your mouth. With less saliva, your mouth is unable to remove that bacteria. Some studies have even suggested that alcohol-based mouthwashes can cause cancer. This is because the lack of saliva is unable to keep cancer-causing bacteria from entering the mouth.

Our mouthwash doesn’t contain alcohol. Instead, it treats bad breath problems at its source with organic essential oils and encourages saliva activity.

Glycerine Free

Another great benefit of our peroxide mouthwash is that it is glycerine free. This is important because glycerine has been shown to coat on the teeth. This is a problem because it basically ends up becoming like a plaque.

The teeth are unable to receive minerals and other healthy ingredients to keep it strong. The glycerine blocks it and can promote tooth decay. Our Lucky Teeth mouthwash is glycerin free, so your teeth won’t have a build up on its surface letting minerals from foods to be easily absorbed.


Many turn to mouthwash as a way to whiten their teeth. However, the method that they utilize to whiten teeth can also strip away the enamel from it.

Our mouthwash uses food-grade peroxide. Food-grade means it’s safe for human consumption and free of stabilizers, phenol, acetanilide, sodium stagnate, tetrasodium phosphate commonly found in conventional peroxide. At Lucky Teeth we use a diluted amount that allows the whitening of your teeth without damaging them in the process. Commercial peroxide is undiluted and removes the enamel from your teeth over time.

Removes Bad Bacteria

Everyone knows that bacteria exist in their mouths. Not all of the bacteria are bad. Yet certain toothpaste and mouthwashes will remove all of the bacteria inside of your mouth. This is a problem. Our mouthwash instead offers to balance bacteria. It removes the bad bacteria that cause problems like sore throats, bleeding gums, tongue sores, and other problems.

Yet it also keeps the good bacteria, so that your mouth is still able to defend itself against the bad bacteria should it return. Because of this, our mouthwash can help you if you suffer from frequent health problems like tongue sores, sore throats, and bleeding gums. The key is to balance bacteria.

Remove Stains

One other reason that our mouthwash can be a great benefit is that it can remove stains on your teeth. When used with our organic remineralizing toothpaste, those stains are absorbed and removed.

Vegan and Keto

Our products are all tested on family and friends, never animals! We are sugar free and use beneficial essential oils and carrier oils- a great Keto alternative as well.

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