Is Mouthwash Good For Sore Throats?

Is Mouthwash Good For Sore Throats?

An unpleasant side-effect of a cold or illness is a sore throat. You may have tried drinking tea and using a medication, but maybe you want to use a more wholesome approach. Mouthwash is supposed to kill bacteria. The thinking may proceed that mouthwash can also kill the bacteria causing your sore throat. Is that the case and can mouthwash actually help your sore throat? Here's what you need to know.

Not All Mouthwashes are Created Equal

Whether you're looking for a certain kind of peroxide mouthwash to use for your sore throat or just to have mouthwash, you should be aware of the good and bad kinds of mouthwashes. This is typically split between synthetic mouthwash and natural mouthwash.

Synthetic mouthwash is the kind of commercially-made mouthwash with brands that you recognize. They contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals to destroy bacteria. Their primary ingredient is alcohol. The problem with synthetic mouthwashes is that they use a lot of chemicals that scientists aren't sure about yet. The long-term effect on them on human gums and teeth is unknown. All scientists do know is that they're harsh.

On the other side, you have natural mouthwashes that use ingredients like tea tree oil or sage oil. These natural ingredients already have strong antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. They're gentle on teeth and promote healthy gums.

Can Natural Mouthwashes Help Sore Throats?

Oregano oil or peppermint oil are natural ingredients with astonishing antibacterial properties. When used on their own, they can fight bacteria and kill germs. When used in a natural mouthwash, it's possible that they can also help reduce sore throats.

By the time that you receive a sore throat, it's likely that the bacteria has spread past your tongue and throat already. It may be in your blood attempting to attack cells. While a natural mouthwash may not be able to reach very far, the natural ingredients can likely provide some relief for the surface of your throat.

Sore throats occur due to the body's inflammatory response. The body heats up and becomes inflamed in order to burn the germs out of the system. The effect that you feel is a sore throat.

Since natural ingredients often have anti-inflammatory properties, they can help soothe your throat and reduce the inflammation that you're experiencing. Couple this with its ability to kill bacteria, and you have a potentially effective method to soothe sore throats.

How Else Can Natural Mouthwashes Help?

Besides soothing sore throats, natural mouthwashes are gentler on your teeth and gums. They don't contain additives or harsh chemicals. Because of this, many people who have sensitive gums or teeth may find relief by using natural mouthwashes.

If you've ever experienced a burning sensation in your mouth while using mouthwash, then it was likely because of the presence of alcohol. That burning sensation can become too powerful for those with sensitive teeth and gums. Natural mouthwashes don't contain alcohol. As a result, you won't have an unpleasant burning sensation when you use them. 

Finally, natural mouthwashes can help those with conditions that promote tooth decay like Diabetes. Because they're natural, they won't impede other medications and are gentle enough for anyone to use.

Alleviate Your Sore Throat Today

The next time you start to develop a sore throat, you may not need to gargle with hot salt water. Instead, you just need to make sure that you're using a natural mouthwash during your oral hygiene routine. Switch out your synthetic mouthwash with tried and proven natural mouthwashes and discover a difference in your oral health. You won't want to use harsh chemicals again.

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