Interdental Brushes vs Floss: Which One Is Better For Your Teeth?

Interdental Brushes vs Floss: Which One Is Better For Your Teeth?

When it comes to brushing your teeth, you're told that you need to brush and floss in order to protect your teeth. Yet what if there was a better method than floss? An interdental brush is a cross between a toothbrush and a strand of floss. You may wonder which is better for your teeth and why. Here's what you need to know about interdental brushes and floss. 

What is an Interdental Brush?

Unless you're a dentist, chances are you may not know what an interdental brush is. Yet they're an effective way to clean the hard-to-reach spaces between your teeth. Few people enjoy flossing because it can be difficult to wrap the strands around your fingers. An interdental brush makes it easier.

This brush has a stem similar to a toothbrush. Yet its tip is entirely different. Instead of a flat end with bristles, an interdental brush is a long and thin rod with bristles. It's designed specifically to fit between the spaces of your teeth and clean away plaque and debris.

Advantages of an Interdental Brush

An interdental brush has several advantages over standard floss. The first is that it's easier to control. Considering how difficult floss can be to wrap and manage, an interdental brush is extremely easy. You simply hold it by the brush's end and move it up and down between the spaces of your teeth. Due to the handle, you have a much better sense of control.

You may be able to clean areas that even your floss had difficulty in reaching.

Another advantage of our interdental brush, in particular, is that it's reusable. Any time you use floss, you have to throw it away. If you're using standard floss, then you're putting a ton of plastic in landfills every month. That plastic won't degrade anytime soon either.

Our interdental brush is designed with the softest nylon bristles. Not only are they gentle on your gums, but they also absorb less. This is vital because it allows you to reuse the brush several times. All you need to do is clean the brush after using it. You'll substantially reduce the amount of waste that you produce every month.

Our interdental brush's handle is also made of bamboo. Those who hate using products made of plastic will love our brush. Bamboo is a renewable resource. It grows quickly and in great amounts. Yet it's also incredibly strong. To do your part both for your teeth and for the environment, using our interdental brush is a great choice to make.

Interdental brushes also are better for your teeth. With greater control of the brush, you can squeeze into tight areas and ensure that you're brushing every bit of it. Floss only allows you to clean vertically. You also have to make sure that you're forming the floss in the correct shape to fully clean a tooth.

Using an interdental brush just makes brushing into those tight areas so much easier. Because the bristles surround the rod, it takes less time to clean between your teeth. You can effectively clean each side of the tooth in a single brushing motion. This will reduce how long it takes to clean the spaces between your teeth.

Try Our Interdental Brush Today

If you want to ensure your teeth are given the best chance of being healthy, then you need to try our interdental brush. It has several advantages over flossing such as more effective cleaning and reduced cleaning time. You'll also love the bamboo handle on our brush and the soft nylon brushes. Try our environmentally-friendly interdental brush today.

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