How To Fix Cracked Tooth at Home

Is It Possible To Fix a Cracked Tooth At Home?

What Causes a Teeth Crack?

Cracked teeth are common. There are a few causes that can increase the chances of you developing cracked teeth. One of the most common is grinding your teeth. When you apply a lot of pressure against your teeth, the enamel starts to crack. Continuing to grind your teeth worsens the problem.

Sometimes the problem may have to do with a filling. If an inexperienced dentist made a filling too large or if a mistake occurred, then the filling can actually cause the tooth to crack. It weakens the integrity of the enamel.

If you regularly bite into hard foods like nuts, ice, and hard candy, then you may also crack your teeth. The force applied to the hard surface can send tiny fractures through your enamel.

Injuries are another cause of cracked teeth. Whether you were punched, got hit during a sport, or had an accident, it's possible to crack your teeth.

Finally, cracked teeth are common with aging.

Is a Cracked Tooth a Dental Emergency?

A cracked tooth is a dental emergency. It's assumed that if your tooth is cracked or fractured, then there is internal damage as well as external damage. It's the internal damage that is the most troubling for a dentist.

You may also experience considerable pain. This is another reason why it's a dental emergency. The pain may be so bad that talking or chewing food may be impossible for you. Finding relief immediately is your best choice.

What To Do When a Tooth Breaks?

There are a few steps you should follow if a tooth breaks. The first is to rinse out your mouth. This will decrease the chances of bacteria entering the interior of your tooth and causing an infection. You'll want to use warm water.

Using gauze or a wet tea bag, apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding.

If you notice any swelling, then you can also press an icepack to your cheek.

If you're unable to see your dentist immediately, then you need to obtain dental cement. Use this to cover the tooth as quickly as you can.

You'll want to continue to coat your tooth in either milk or saliva.


essential oils fro cracked tooth

How To Relieve Pain?

Some natural toothpaste with essential oils in it can help. Rubbing certain essential oils designed to fight inflammation against your gums can also help ease the pain, like clove oil.

Otherwise, there are a few pain relievers that you can take that might alleviate your pain. If your doctor has okayed you for it, then you can use paracetamol.

Can You Fix a Cracked Tooth at Home?

There is no way to fix a cracked tooth at home. The most that you can do is alleviate your pain and preserve the tooth as much as possible before you can visit the dentist.

Options to Heal Cracked Teeth at Home

Although you can't heal a cracked tooth at home, you can use something like dental cement to help seal it as much as possible. Unfortunately, the sharp edges of the cracked tooth may cut into your gums and cause you to bleed further. You may want to obtain some form of dental wax to cover the tooth and keep the edges from cutting the inside of your cheek.

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