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How to Heal Cavities Naturally?

Cavities commonly develop due to plaque and bacteria that develop on the teeth and gradually lead to decay. Many people can suffer from cavities due to improper oral hygiene or too by consuming acidic foods in the diet. The primary form of treating cavities is with fillings for a long-term solution that halts the decay. Dental professionals drill into the cavity and fill it with a white or metallic filling. Fortunately, there are several ways to heal cavities naturally and prompt the regrowth of the teeth to restore your smile.

Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

It's important to eliminate sugar from your diet to avoid feeding oral bacteria that can cause cavities to increase in size. Avoid soda, candy, and baked goods that contain processed sugar to avoid blood sugar levels to be out of control thus altering calcium and phosphorus ratios..resulting in tooth decay! Stevia and raw honey should also be consumed in moderation. Sugar is considered to be acidic on the teeth and can further the tooth decay that is already present. Sugar can also break down enamel, which protects the teeth from decay.

Increase the Nutrition in Your Diet

One of the most effective ways of reducing tooth decay is to have a significant change in your diet and incorporate grass fed raw dairy for added nutrition. Grass fed raw dairy contains vitamin D3, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin K2. Those who want to combat tooth decay will need to consume raw cheese, organic grass-fed butter, and goat milk kefir. This also means increasing your fat-soluble intake to begin remineralizing teeth and reversing tooth decay. Consume grass fed foods that include bone broth, eggs, fish, and meat to obtain a high level of vitamins and nutrients with each meal.

One piece of fruit can be consumed in the morning before moving on to foods that have a healthy fat content, which includes coconut oil, fish, olives, and avocados. Organic cooked vegetables and soups that contain bone broth are also recommended. According to Dr. Weston Price, fermented cod liver oil can also be consumed, which is considered to be a superfood that contains vitamin A and vitamin K. Avoid all packaged or fast food and eliminate your intake of grains. Opt for eating sourdough bread in moderation if you're going to consume grains. According to Dr. Weston Price, a lack of minerals is also one of the most common causes of tooth decay, making it important to swap out acidic foods for fat soluble vitamins and grass fed foods for a higher intake of nutrition.

Brush with Remineralizing Toothpaste

Those who suffer from tooth decay can benefit from using remineralizing toothpaste that contains ingredients like calcium, magnesium, coconut oil, and essential oils with a product that is known for healing cavities. The toothpaste can be brushed directly onto the teeth and gums two to three times a day to begin rebuilding the teeth where decay has occurred. Remineralizing teeth with the fluoride-free toothpaste is effective at restoring enamel and healing cavities for a long-term solution that is worth the investment.

Practice Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an effective method to practice to reverse cavities naturally by detoxing the body with organic extra virgin coconut oil. Although the practice is new to the U.S., it's been a common method that has been used to heal the body from ailments in other countries. It's known to reduce diabetes, heal gingivitis, and even reverse tooth decay.

Swish the oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes in the morning after you wake up before spitting it out. Brush your teeth to remove the remaining oil that may still be in the mouth. Some people may find it challenging to swish the oil around for 20 minutes but can attempt to do it for three to five minutes.

Take Daily Supplements

Taking supplements can be an added benefit to a healthy diet with reversing tooth decay and restoring enamel. Grass fed bovine Gelatin is an excellent supplement to take for those who don't consume bone broth on a regular basis. Magnesium is another option that will use calcium and phosphorus effectively to ensure that tooth decay is reversed over time.

Limit Foods with Phytic Acid

Foods that are high in phytic acid increase the risk of tooth decay and should be consumed in moderation. Foods that contain phytic acid include beans, seeds, nuts, and legumes. This also means that you'll need to limit the amount of processed food that you consume. Westonprice.org has valuable information on how to prepare foods that are high in phytic acid to be more tolerable by the body overall.

Although conventional dentistry works to treat cavities with fillings that halt the tooth decay, it does not prevent the cavities from returning in the future. Reconnecting to our bodies and healing from the inside out as we consume a nutrient-dense diet, appropriate supplements and remineralizing toothpaste will maintain our teeth, gums and entire body problem free- A long-term solution that is at the root of any disease and its effective.


Clara Botero

Great article ! I do all the stuff you listed ! I do cod liver oil but will try fermented this time. I love raw milk too. I am type one diabetic and have no thyroid anymore

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