3 Benefits of Organic Tea Tree Oil For Teeth

3 Benefits of Organic Tea Tree Oil For Teeth

If you’re interested in organic health, you might’ve heard people talk about tea tree oil before. This essential oil is great for things like acne and eczema, but did you know it can also help teeth? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Organic Tea Tree Oil?

Also called melaleuca oil, tea tree oil is a type of oil made from the leaves of an Australian tree. To make it, manufacturers collect leaves from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant and steam distill them. This captures all the helpful compounds from the tree and turns them into concentrated oil. To be organic, the tea tree oil has to come from trees grown without pesticides or other chemicals. This ensures your oil contains nothing but helpful, all-natural plant compounds.

How It Affects The Earth

Choosing organic tea tree oil does more than just protect your health. It also protects the planet. Organic products tend to be more environmentally friendly because they produce less waste. Unlike traditional farming methods, organic farming doesn’t produce toxic byproducts that sink into the soil and pollute the ground. It is also more likely to use zero-waste practices like fertilizing with compost.

Does Organic Tea Tree Oil Heal Teeth?

Tea tree oil is so useful for teeth because it contains compounds called terpenoids. These natural carbon compounds are antifungal and antibacterial. Though they cannot reverse cavities, they can stop tooth decay in its tracks. Tea tree oil is also very effective at healing infections. It can be used for abscesses and oral yeast infections like thrush.

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The Benefits Of Organic Tea Tree Oil For Teeth

In addition to helping with oral infections, organic tea tree oil also comes with several other benefits for teeth:

Get Rid of Bad Breath

Research has shown that tea tree oil can be just as effective as a traditional mouthwash. It kills bad bacteria in your mouth, so your breath smells fresh for hours. And since tea tree oil doesn’t dry the mouth like alcohol mouthwashes, it can be a more tooth-friendly way of managing bad breath.

Manage Periodontitis

Periodontitis is a type of chronic gum inflammation. It can make your gums sore, bloody, and swollen, and in untreated cases, it can even cause you to lose teeth. Tea tree oil has been shown to help manage periodontitis symptoms. It penetrates beneath the gums to remove problematic bacteria like P.gingivalis

Reduce Pain From Toothaches

Tea tree oil also has some compounds that can numb pain. If you are dealing with a toothache, applying some tea tree oil can help to manage the pain.

How to Use It for Teeth

Tea tree oil isn’t an oil you can safely eat. It should only be applied topically. Though it won’t kill you to ingest minute amounts, you don’t want to swallow multiple drops of the oil. Instead, you should temporarily apply it to your mouth, let it sit for a minute or two, spit it out, and then rinse your mouth. This gives the oil time to kill harmful bacteria without causing digestive issues later on.

Teeth Care Products That Contain Organic Tea Tree Oil

There are several great ways to get the benefits of tea tree oil. Some people get pure, organic tea tree oil to apply directly to their teeth. It’s commonly found in mouthwashes that you can swish around in your mouth and spit out. You can also find some kinds of toothpaste that include tea tree oil.


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