Bamboo Toothbrushes: Everything You Need to Know

Bamboo Toothbrushes: Everything You Need to Know

Using a bamboo toothbrush can be a great way to help heal the earth. Because it's made through sustainable practices and is biodegradable, those who are anxious about their carbon footprint on the world can benefit from using a bamboo toothbrush. For those who want to do their part in making the world a cleaner place to live, here's everything you need to know about organic toothbrushes.  

What is Bamboo Toothbrushes?

A bamboo brush looks exactly how you would expect a toothbrush to appear. It's manual. This means that you use manually move it across your teeth to clean them. However, it isn't made of plastic. It's made from a tree.

A concern that many people have over using plastic brushes is that they add to the pile that's just sitting in landfills. It's is choking the earth and local wildlife. 

Bamboo Toothbrush

Like a traditional brush, you also have your choice of bristles. You can have normal cleaning bristles made in various styles to help clean hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. You also have charcoal bristles for those who want to thoroughly clean their teeth.  Soft bristles are preferably to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Can it be used with organic toothpaste?

For those who really want to step up their game and ensure that they're practicing sustainable means, you can couple an organic brush with organic paste. 

Lucky Teeth toothpaste is extremely healthy for your teeth and safe for kids. Because it's derived from plants, it has healing properties within it. This can help ease bleeding gums or remain gentle on those with sensitive teeth. 

It also offers remineralizing properties. Your enamel is slowly stripped away when you use traditional toothpaste. It can actually be abrasive to your teeth. The same goes for when you press too hard on the brush against your teeth. This can cause a lot of damage. Organic, on the other hand, can remineralize your teeth and add strength to them.


Benefits of Organic Brushes

There are many benefits of using an organic brush. The top one is that it can be used in compost or recycled. Because it's made from a tree, the brush can easily degrade in the landfill without harming the environment. It can also be recycled, so it can be reused later. Or, for those who have a compost heap, you can simply toss it into the heap and use it for other purposes. 

Another benefit is that it's durable. The tree from which it comes from is incredibly strong. You don't have to worry about accidentally bending your brush by using it too hard. 

Because the tree grows quickly, it's incredibly sustainable. Provided that the world stays in good shape, it can be planted over and over again without facing shortage problems. 

These kinds of brushes are effective at cleaning your teeth. Depending on what kind of bristle you choose, you can have clean teeth without any problems. 

Finally, the entire world benefits from choosing to use an organic brush. They're zero-waste, sustainable, and biodegradable. When you use this kind of brush, you're limiting the impact of your overall carbon footprint.

How long do the brushes last?

Because the material can last for a long time, you may be tempted to hold onto your brush for as long as possible. However, that isn't always the greatest idea. Just like a traditional brush, you need to replace it after a few months. This isn't necessarily because the brush might break, but because the bristles need to be replaced. 

You could wait until you notice that the bristles are starting to fray. This is a good sign that they have reached the end of their lifespan. Or you could just go with the general rule of thumb and replace your brush after three or four months of use. 

Proper disposal of your brush is important. The best choice that you can make is to recycle it. However, you could also toss it into the trash if you wish since it will safely degrade in the landfill. However, by choosing to recycle it, the brush can be broken down and reused in another product. This zero-waste practice is extremely beneficial to climate control. 

There are a few measures that you can take to extend the lifespan of your brush as well. Because it's made from plant fiber, you'll want to store your brush in a dry area. This will help ensure it doesn't rot away or become dirty. Air-drying your brush is an effective way to increase its lifespan. 

It's also important that you regularly clean the bristles. Not only does this mean you have a clean set of bristles to brush your teeth with every day, but it also means that bacteria won’t be able to store in it and be put back in your mouth.  Clean regularly, just dip your brush in 3peroxide of in a little of Lucky Teeth’s Mouthwash for about 3 hours.  

Are the brushes compostable?

Another disposal method is composting. the handle.  You can toss it into your bin and let it breakdown over time.

The bristles that are part of the brush may not be compostable. Our bristles are made of nylon and are not compostable. Are some twitters and pluck them away! 

You can also  become creative and find projects to reuse the brush for other purposes. 

Become Sustainable Today

We all have a responsibility with the earth, every little step counts and makes a big difference.  Start slowly and do not obsess thinking you have to do all at once!  A good way to avoid getting overwhelm, Is to replace things as they are done or wear off.  I have found it to be a happy way.  

Share something from your journey, we would love to know your tips in becoming zero waste and sustainable.  


Clara Botero

I’ve been using oregano oil and bamboo for ten years no and everything about my teeth and breath are better

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