6 Ways To Make Teeth Cleaning Process More Enjoyable

6 Ways To Make Teeth Cleaning Process More Enjoyable

Your oral health drastically influences your overall health. Regular and thorough dental hygiene practices is your first line of defense of developing health problems that could negatively impact you for the rest of your life. Yet the act of brushing your teeth and performing dental care can become tedious and mundane. Here are a few ways that you can make it more enjoyable.

Encourage Yourself to Brush Your Teeth For 2 Minutes With These Tips:

1. Play Music

Music can make anything more enjoyable. Why not add it to your brushing routine? For the best clean, you have to brush your teeth for at least two minutes. That can seem like a long time if you're just standing in front

Enjoy Brushing Teeth

Adding music can not only help time you, but it can also make the time go by quickly. This is also a great way to encourage your children to brush their teeth. Put on one of their favorite songs and brush with them. Everyone will reach their two-minute mark with ease

2. Brush Without Fluoride

 No doubt everyone has heard that fluoride is good for their teeth. Adding fluoride into your mouthwash and toothpaste can help fight cavities. Incorrect.

Fluoride has actually been shown to reduce bone strength. It makes your bones brittle. It's also been shown to block collagen production. Collagen is a vital part of growing and nourishing skin cells. It can even mess with your hormones.

If you want to make brushing your teeth more enjoyable, then removing an ingredient that is causing your teeth more harm than good is vital. You may even find that you dislike the flavor of fluoride. Completely remove it and watch as your teeth actually become healthier. 

3. Brush Teeth with Children

Doing most activities with children can be a lot of fun. They always bring an element of enthusiasm and play. If you're a parent who wants to make sure their child is having an enjoyable time brushing their teeth, then brush yours with them. Together, you can make up games. 

Brushing your teeth with your children allows you to let out your own inner child. Even if it's only for a few minutes, brushing your teeth could become one of your favorite pastimes. 

4. Reward Yourself

If you really hate the time it takes to brush your teeth, then reward yourself afterward. You'll want to stay away from dietary rewards that will just mean brushing your teeth again later. Instead, it might be allowing yourself to stay awake for another half hour or hour to watch an episode of your new favorite TV show. 

Perhaps it means allowing yourself to buy a little something at the store the next day. Whatever reward keeps you motivated, give it to yourself. By making your oral health a priority, you deserve to treat yourself right.

5.  Appeal

Your Oral care routine might have many components to it like: toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, brush, tongue scrapers.  Choose products that aesthetically appeal to you, that look great with your bathroom decoration If they sit in the counter.  If you love the way they look,  you will be more motivated to use them.   Of course, make sure the ingredients are likable by your body and are free of toxins.  

6. Multitask

Another reason that people may not give their teeth as much time as they deserve is that it eats away at the time better spent elsewhere. For many people, their oral health takes a backseat to other pressing issues. This shouldn't happen. You could end up paying for it later when you become ill. 

If you want to make the most of your time, then simply multitask. You only need one hand to brush your teeth. Use the other hand to perform tasks that need to be done. Not only will you improve your oral health, but you'll also free up a bit more of your time. 

Don't Take Oral Health for Granted

Oral health is linked to your overall health. You'll find life more enjoyable when you enjoy doing your dental hygiene practices.

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