Organic Toothpaste For Kids

4 Reasons Why Organic Toothpastes Are Better For Kids

What Is The Difference Between Organic Toothpaste and Regular Toothpaste

The main difference between organic toothpaste and regular toothpaste is its ingredients. An organic toothpaste uses solely natural ingredients. Those ingredients may include peppermint, charcoal, calcium or other safe and natural elements. Regular toothpaste may use some of those ingredients, too, but they often include other chemicals as well. One common ingredient in regular toothpaste is fluoride.

Organic toothpaste packs the same kind of powerful cleaning as regular toothpaste just without the additional chemicals.

Kids Have More Sensitive Teeth

Children have sensitive teeth. Even if they still have their baby teeth, you should do everything you can to protect them. Losing their baby teeth too early can set them up for dental disaster later. Teeth rely on each other for proper alignment. If your baby loses its teeth too early, then it can result in overcrowding and unaligned teeth.

Children who have their adult teeth need to take care of them. Those are the only teeth that they'll have for the rest of their life. Taking care of them early on can set them up for a healthy future.

Kids' Dental Care

One vital part of your kid's dental care is choosing the right kind of toothpaste. They may be attracted to some commercial toothpaste because of funny characters or sweet-tasting flavors. However, the ingredients in those types of toothpaste may not be the best thing for your child.

Instead, you should consider organic toothpaste. Here are a few reasons why.

The Reasons To Use Organic Toothpaste For Kids

Kids Toothpaste

1. Less Fluoride

Your child is already going to receive plenty of fluoride treatments from their dentist. You may even have fluoride in your water. Your children don't need anymore. Having too much fluoride can actually harm your teeth and bones.

Organic toothpaste doesn't contain fluoride. Your children can safely use it without you having to worry about how much fluoride is in their bodies.

2. Safe to Consume

Organic toothpaste is usually made of ingredients like peppermint, mint, cinnamon, and other natural ingredients. These are all safe to consume. Babies regularly eat toothpaste because they haven't developed the strength to spit yet. Children often forget to spit toothpaste or like to consume it because it tastes good.

That becomes a problem when you use commercial toothpaste. Those are packed full of chemicals and preservatives. They're not safe to eat.

Organic toothpaste is.

3. Eases Tooth Aches

As your children's teeth grow, they're likely going to experience some growing pains. Organic toothpaste can help. Certain ingredients in organic toothpaste can reduce inflammation. As a result, your child will experience less discomfort.

Even older children who receive braces or other dental fixtures may find relief with organic toothpaste. It can soothe their gums and keep them fresh.

4. Smells Great

A problem with regular toothpaste geared towards children is that is packed with artificial flavorings and colorings that will do more harm than good.  

With organic toothpaste, your children's mouth will smell great and feel great by using natural essential oils instead of flavorings.  

Prefer Organic Dental Care Products For Your Children

The dental choices that you make for your child can establish how they approach dental care for the rest of their life. It's vital that you teach them not only how to care for their teeth, but also how to take care of the world in the process. Our organic products are safe, effective, and do their part in fighting climate change. Take a look at our organic products today and start your child off on the right foot with their oral care habits.

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