3 Biodegradable Dental Products That are Environmentally Friendly

3 Biodegradable Dental Products That are Environmentally Friendly

Biodegradable Products That Protect the Environment

If you're interested in a zero-waste lifestyle, then you need to make sure that the oral hygiene products you're using are, at the very least, biodegradable. Yet it can be confusing to know what biodegradable dental products actually mean. Here's what you need to know about the biodegradable dental products as well as some of our best products that are biodegradable.

What Does Biodegradable Mean?

A lot of companies throw out the term biodegradable. Yet what their understanding of biodegradable is and what the actual definition aren't always the same. Biodegradable means that a product can be broken down into natural ingredients in a landfill. They're created in response to plastic.

Because plastic takes years and years to degrade in a landfill, biodegradable products started to be made instead. The idea was to help reduce landfill masses by promoting quick deterioration times. Yet not all biodegradable products deteriorate that quickly. Some may take several years. Others may only take a few days.

Another aspect of a biodegradable product is that it needs to degrade without releasing toxins into the environment. That's another problem that plastics have. Once it finally degrades, it can release cancerous and other problematic toxins into the soil and air.

Biodegradable products are supposed to only release non-toxic properties into the soil and air. This means that they're typically made of wood, food scraps, or other natural ingredients.

It's also important that biodegradable products are placed in an environment where decomposition is possible. That means there need to be microorganisms, bacteria, or fungi to do the bulk of decomposing the product.

If you want to start using biodegradable products to help cut down the mass in landfills and keep the environment clean, then you should consider our dental products. Think about how many toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, and mouthwashes you've used in a year. All of that is likely sitting in a landfill somewhere if they weren't biodegradable.

You can switch out those products with our biodegradable dental products to keep your mouth and the environment healthy. Here are some of the biodegradable dental products we offer.

1. Biodegradable Floss and Picks

Flossing is an essential part of keeping your mouth clean. It fights plaque build-up by removing the bits that are stuck between your teeth. Flossing twice a day can keep your gums healthy.

Our biodegradable floss comes in a completely biodegradable package. The floss, itself, is made of PLA and silk. We offer several different types of floss to match all of your needs. Those that want to help whiten their teeth will enjoy our charcoal-activated floss.

Those that are more interested in following a vegan lifestyle will also enjoy our vegan floss.

Besides floss, you can also enjoy biodegradable picks. These products can be used to clean between your teeth more easily than floss. They're made from reusable and biodegradable materials to ensure they're as environmentally-friendly as possible.

2. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Our bamboo toothbrushes are also biodegradable. Because they're made of bamboo, which is a wood product, it can degrade quite quickly within the landfill. We offer several different types of bristles with our bamboo toothbrushes.

Some are made with activated-charcoal while others are made with vegan ingredients. You're sure to find the exact one you need for your lifestyle.

3. Toothpaste and Mouthwash

It's even possible to find toothpaste and mouthwash that is biodegradable. Made of biodegradable materials, you can use the paste and wash without fear of filling up a landfill. Because both products tend to also be made from natural ingredients, you don't have to worry about the paste, itself, either. It can easily degrade in the landfill with everything else. Or, if you tend to spit it in the sink, you can be sure your paste will dissolve cleanly in your plumbing.

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If you want to keep the environment safe and healthy, then you need to start using our environmentally-friendly and biodegradable dental products. They'll protect the world while keeping your mouth sparkling clean.

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