An Elegant, convenient and Eco friendly way to brush daily !

At Lucky Teeth we care about reducing waste and carbon footprint. 9-12 months supply just in one box.

Bamboo Toothbrushes are an environmentally conscious decision, less plastic on our grounds!

✓Lucky Teeth’s Brush is made from sustainably grown bamboo.

✓Soft bristles that maximize cleaning effectiveness taking care of your precious enamel, and are gentle with your gums.

Charcoal bristles naturally eliminate bad breath, reduce stains, whiten teeth, and remove plaque.

✓Durable BPA-free Nylon bristles that discourage bacteria growth.

✓The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends using your toothbrush for 3 months, after normal wear and tear your bristles start to get worn out creating a less effective and more abrasive toothbrush. Worn-out toothbrushes remove less plaque than a new toothbrush and build up bacteria.

Make sure you read The Look Of Your Brush May Tell How Well You Are Brushing Your Teeth..

How To Use Replaceable Bamboo Toothbrush Aluminum/ Copper Handle:

The handle is fun, comfortable to your hands.  The first brush comes already with a head on it, grab it with your hands and smother your favorite Remineralizing toothpaste on it. Brush applying soft pressure, use a sweeping motion starting at your gums down / up your teeth. Most dentists recommend 10 sweeps per area the brush covers, repeat until you do your whole mouth. Sounds like a lot, but your gums and teeth will thank you!

Remember it is not about convenience always, YOU deserve a loving routine that keeps you healthy!

To Replace head:  Replace every 3-4 months, depending on wear.  Twist off the one in place until it comes off, start by twisting on the new head until is locked in.

Bamboo Toothbrushes can get wet, pat dry them with a towel and simply put them in an upright position after brushing using a toothbrush holder to avoid a rotten bottom.

If you travel with it, Bamboo Toothbrush Travel & Storage Case is a must-have to protect and extend the life of your brush.

Packaging: 100% biodegradable box is plastic-free.

Handle: 100% Aluminum 

Head: Sustainably grown bamboo.

Bristles: Remove bristles with pliers and recycled wherever nylon is recycled.

Replaceable Bamboo Toothbrush Head Replacements - Soft Charcoal Bristles

Replaceable Bamboo Toothbrush Head Replacements - Soft Charcoal Bri...