Essential oils are extracted from medicinal plants, they are concentrated and powerful, all is needed is a few drops or a drop to experience their incredible benefits.  Ancient cultures used them for overall health and pleasure.

Naturally high in antioxidants and phytochemicals, they reduce oxidative stress and disease-causing inflammation. Many of the grapefruit's essential oil benefits are due to one of its main constituents called limonene (which makes up about 88 percent to 95 percent of the oil). Limonene is known to be a tumor-fighting, cancer-preventative phytochemical that protects DNA and cells from damage. In addition to limonene, grapefruit essential oil contains other powerful antioxidants, including vitamin C, myrcene, terpinene, pinene and citronellol.

Most commonly, grapefruit oil is used to fight throat and respiratory infections, fatigue, and muscle aches. Grapefruit oil has antimicrobial effects that help reduce or eliminate harmful strains of bacteria that enter the body through contaminated foods, water or parasites. Research shows that grapefruit oil can even fight strong bacterial strains that are responsible for food-born illnesses, including E. Coli and salmonella.


  • Cleansing the body
  • Reducing Depression
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Decreasing fluid retention
  • Curbing sugar cravings



  • Add two or three drops to one of the elements of your facial routine to improve the appearance of blemishes.
  • Anti-cellulite scrub: mix four drops of Grapefruit essential oil with a half cup of coconut oil and three tablespoons of grounded coffee; apply it on the specific parts of your body that you want to treat.
  • Put a few drops on a cloth or tissue and smell it to get a quick pick me up sensation.


Botanical name:

Citrus paradisi

Extraction method:

Cold Pressed


Argentina, Italy, Spain, United States.


Stimulating; Anti-inflammatory; Antimicrobial; Balance mood.

Grapefruit Essential Oil -Organic 1 oz

Grapefruit Essential Oil -Organic 1 oz