Stainless Steel (Metal) Tongue Scraper helps overall mouth health : 

  • Better Breath
  • Healthy Gums
  • Fewer Cavities
  • Reduce Plaque


√ Helps eliminate toxins & bacteria from the tongue responsible for periodontal problems, plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum infections.

√ Removes coating and mucous on the tongue that leads to bad breath.

√ Helps eliminate undigested food particles from the tongue.

√ Decreases complications of the respiratory tract.

√ Enhances the sense of taste.

√ Promotes overall oral & digestive health.

√ Gently stimulates the internal organs.


Tongue scraping should be performed twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening. Best after brushing and flossing your teeth.

1. Hold the two ends of the tongue scraper in both hands.

2. Stick out the tongue and place the tongue scraper at the very back of the tongue.

3. Pull the scraper forward gently. Make sure to cover the whole tongue so that it removes the unwanted coating.

4. Rinse the tongue scraper underwater.

Repeat this process 5-7 times, or until no coating is left. Scrape the tongue gently or it may damage the tissue.

The BENEFITS of Scraping Tongue with Metal Scraper:

Smoothly Stimulates internal organs

Since the tongue is connected to various organs of the body, scraping it gently activates related organs too.

Increase your sense of taste

If you don’t regularly clean your tongue, then dead cells, bacteria, and other particles can coat your tongue. This can obscure your tastebuds, making tasting food and beverages more difficult.

Clearing toxins and bacteria

The immune system gets weak by putting it to work continuously against foreign bodies or bad bacteria, with gradual and consistent building up of toxins. The tongue is the first line of defense in the body. Scraping assists in the healthy functioning of this immune system.

Reduce bad breath

At night while we sleep, bacteria gather in the mouth because the production of saliva is reduced creating bad breath While scrapping your tongue does remove bad breath temporarily, you’re going to need to continue to scrape your tongue after a meal as well as twice a day.

Promote good digestion

Digestion of food starts in the mouth. Enzymes present in the saliva break food down for easier digestion by the gut. When the taste buds are blocked due to the accumulated mucus on the tongue, the messaging function of their receptors conveying to the brain to activate relevant enzymes required for digestion of the food is impaired.

Improve the appearance of your tongue

Healthy tongues are pink or dark red in color. If you have white coating your tongue instead, then you’re looking at a lot of build-up of bacteria and dead cells. When you use a tongue scraper, this removes that build-up and returns your tongue to a healthy color.


  • High resistance: the main characteristic of stainless steel is its high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and oxidation, additionally is also resistant to high temperatures and humidity.
  • Durability: Due to its capacity to stand in physical and chemical conditions, stainless steel is a very durable material, its useful lifetime is about 60 years.
  • Hardness: the great resistance of stainless steel to abrasives makes it difficult to scratch. Depending on how much carbon dioxide it has, is the tool grade of hardness.
  • Sustainability: stainless steel tongue cleaner can always be recycled! Almost 60% of stainless steel came from recycled material.
  • Hygienic: Because of its composition and low rugosity, external agents like dust and bacteria do not remain bound to its surface. Making stainless steel very easy to clean and odorless.
  • Elegant and stylish: thanks to its color and smooth surface steel tongue scraper looks amazing everywhere and combines with many other materials characteristics.


Rinse your stainless steel tongue scraper with hot water or wipe it down with an alcohol swab.
Due to its multiple properties and characteristics, stainless steel is a great material even for your oral health, and remember tongue should be pink, clean, and fresh!

Customer Reviews

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Stainless Steel - Metal Tongue Scraper

Stainless Steel - Metal Tongue Scraper

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jen Koepnick

I am really impressed by this tongue scraper -- it works significantly better than cleaning my tongue with my toothbrush! I was shocked (and, honestly, grossed out) by how much buildup came off. It's also very sleek, durable, and easy to clean. Highly recommend!

Ingeborg Nanau
Tongue Scraper Review

Excellent tool in connection with the daily care of the mouth, specifically, keeping the tongue free from toxins and bacteria. Thank you!

Love it!

Works great, love the shape and easy to use!