What Is a Food Trap? How To Deal With a Stuck Food in Teeth?

What Is a Food Trap? How To Deal With a Stuck Food in Teeth?

Practicing good oral hygiene is important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It can also improve your overall health. However, it’s normal to sometimes have what’s known as a food trap. Knowing what this is and how to deal with it is essential.

What is a Food Trap?

A food trap is something that happens to everyone on occasion. It’s a situation where you eat something and then end up having pieces of food stuck between your teeth.

While this can happen to anyone, it’s more common with people who have crooked or crowded teeth. It also happens more often when you have gum issues such as gum disease or your gums have naturally begun to recede as you age. This opens the door for bacteria to invade the gums and lead to tooth decay.

Dealing with food stuck between your teeth is important. It’s the best way to prevent these problems.

Rinse Out Your Mouth

organic mouthwash

Sometimes, all you need to do to remove food stuck between your teeth is to rinse your mouth out with water, warm saltwater or a natural Mouthwash is even better as it can help to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation in your mouth. Be sure to swish the liquid around several times before spitting it out.

Brush Your Teeth

You can pick up your toothbrush and start brushing when you have the chance. This might help loosen food stuck between your teeth. Be gentle and avoid brushing too hard.

Use Dental Floss

Organic dental floss such as Lucky-Teeth dental floss can help remove food stuck between your teeth. Work the floss around the area with the debris and be gentle to avoid bleeding gums or disturbing dental work. Maneuver at different angles for food particles that are particularly stubborn.

If flossing normally doesn’t work, you might want to go a step further and make a knot in the floss. The knot gives you more depth, so it might be able to more easily dislodge the food stuck between your teeth.   

Use Your Fingernail

Sometimes, your fingernail is all you need to remove food that’s stuck in your teeth. If it’s in an easily accessible place, the food can be pulled by the edge of your nail and loosened. Make sure your hands are clean before you do this.

Use a Dental pick

A toothpick can sometimes do the trick when food is stuck in your teeth. You can use it normally or stick it between your teeth so that they move slightly apart. Leave the toothpick in for a few minutes and then remove it and floss like normal again. It should help you quickly remove the food particles. After you finish, your teeth should return to their normal place.

Food should not normally get stuck in the same spot in your teeth over and over again. If that happens, it signifies that there’s a deeper problem and can lead to the development of gum disease or cavities. While you can’t always avoid getting food stuck between your teeth, you can use these tips to remove it when it does happen.

Using Lucky-Teeth dental floss, and Organic Mouthwash on a regular basis can help you to keep your teeth and gums healthier.

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