Toothpaste Ingredients To Avoid

Toothpaste Ingredients To Avoid

Natural Toothpaste Ingredients

The ingredients that make up your toothpaste are more important than you realize. With something as delicate as your mouth, you need to know exactly what it is you're scrubbing against your gums and teeth.

All ingredients will make contact with your bloodstream. That's because your gums are a thin layer of tissue that's connected to a network of blood vessels. When you scrub your paste against your gums, it's only natural that a bit of that ingredient is going to soak through your gums and get into the bloodstream.

That's why using natural ingredients matters. Synthetic compounds that exist in traditional types of toothpaste can wreak havoc on your body over prolonged exposure. Natural ingredients only serve to make your body healthier.

Why Does a Toothpaste With Natural Ingredients Matter?

Natural ingredients protect your teeth and don't put the rest of your body at risk in doing so. They also offer benefits. Peppermint, for example, is a great way to break down plaque. It fights bad bacteria and leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

Peppermint doesn't harm your body because it's natural. If anything, it might help your body further.

Another great natural ingredient is clove. This ingredient is particularly useful for those who have sensitive teeth or sore teeth. It contains eugenol which is a natural anesthetic. Rubbing it against your teeth and gums can help ease any aches that you may be experiencing. The best thing about clove is that it doesn't harm your body in any shape or form either.

Finally, another popular natural ingredient is bentonite clay. This is a powerful natural ingredient that benefits you in several ways. One of the most common is that it absorbs toxins from your mouth. It becomes a sponge-like substance when exposed to water. This allows it to remove toxins, stains, and debris that are stuck on your teeth.

Bentonite clay does more than just that, too. It can also introduce calcium, magnesium, and silica to your teeth. These ingredients can protect and preserve your teeth.

Clearly, natural ingredients matter because they keep your teeth from decaying without sacrificing the rest of your health to do so.

Toothpaste Ingredients That You Should Avoid For The Sake Of Your Oral Health toothpaste harmful ingredients

Knowing which toothpaste ingredients to avoid can help you make a smarter purchase for your teeth going forward. Check your toothpaste to see if it has the following ingredients. If so, then it's time to dump it.

1. Titanium Dioxide

There's a lot of controversy over the use of titanium dioxide in toothpaste. Researchers believe that it's safe to use because it isn't being absorbed by the skin. However, it's totally possible that it may be absorbed by the membrane in your mouth.

Titanium Dioxide is a known carcinogen. You probably don't want to brush your teeth with it.

2. Triclosan

Another problematic ingredient is triclosan. This ingredient is used as an antibacterial agent. The problem with it is that it's been known to cause endocrine disruption. The FDA has even forbidden its use in products like soap and washes. Yet they still allow it in toothpaste.

Considering that this ingredient may also lead to antibiotic resistance, it may be a good idea to avoid this ingredient.

3. Parabens

There's a lot of scrutiny over the use of parabens in products. The FDA is still studying it. Parabens have been known to disrupt hormones which often leads to problems like breast cancer. While minimal parabens don't seem to have too much effect on the body, it's the accumulation of parabens that's the problem.

Parabens can be found in anything from toothpaste to food. Limiting how much you take into your body can help you avoid problems in the future.

4.  Binding agents

Some natural toothpastes use natural binding agents to create a great texture and consistency.  Most commonly known are Carrageenan, and  Xanthan Gum.  Carrageenan considered a “natural” food additive derived from red algae.   Carrageenan can cause inflammation throughout the body.

Xanthan Gum,  a food thickener / stabilizing agent used to bind food / products together.  Some studies suggest it causing some digestive distress in those who are susceptible by increasing stool bulk, water content, and sugar content.

Choose Natural Toothpaste

There are serious concerns about certain ingredients in synthetic and even "natural" toothpaste. If you want to keep your teeth and body healthy in the future, then you should always read ingredients ! Check out our natural toothpaste today. Our ingredients are safe and can keep you healthy.

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