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Toothpaste For Men: Does It Really Matter or Is It Just Marketing?

There are many different products marketed toward men. Some common examples include deodorant, cologne and even toothpaste. However, a lot of marketing is deceiving and unnecessary as you can make your own decision on the toothpaste that’s best for your needs. Looking at how it’s made and the ingredients should be enough.

Toothpaste for Men

It can seem challenging when choosing the right toothpaste for men. Most people think that any toothpaste is appropriate for keeping your teeth clean. However, there are certain criteria that must be in place when choosing a toothpaste. One of the most basic is that it should be safe for use and effective at cleaning your teeth and keeping plaque buildup at a minimum.

Natural ingredients are best for not only men’s toothpaste, but for everyone !. You don’t want to select a product that has a slew of ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

man toothpaste

The Difference Between Men and Women

Teeth Care Routine

There are obviously some notable differences between men and women. This includes the way they take care of their teeth and oral health as a whole. Historically, women take more care with their teeth and brush and floss more often than men. Unfortunately, men are inherently riskier by nature and engage in harmful practices that can compromise their oral health and health, in general. As a result, men are more likely to face problems like gum disease and oral cancer.

Visiting Dentists

Women usually visit their dentists more often and have dental issues addressed more readily. Men are more reluctant to regularly see their dentists or follow up on dental issues, which puts them at a higher risk of problems.

Hormonal Changes

However, women commonly experience certain dental issues specific to their gender. For example, hormonal changes during pregnancy can bring on the problem of excess bacteria in the mouth, leading to gum disease and potential complications. Some women may also experience issues during perimenopause or menopause due to hormonal changes.

Teeth Damage

Men are more likely to experience tooth trauma such as chipping, cracking and even lost teeth. This is largely due to their higher likelihood of engaging in certain types of sports and other activities involving contact.

However, at the same time, men are more geared toward choosing a toothpaste based on appearance. The look of the design on the box may be one reason they select a specific product. For example, something with flowers might be passed over as being more appropriate for women.

Physical Differences

Overall, however, there is not really much difference between men’s and women’s teeth. Men’s teeth might be slightly larger. Women often experience hormonal changes that can impact their gums and teeth. However, there’s no major difference in terms of the teeth themselves.

Psychological Differences

Men and women do have psychological differences that can affect their teeth. Women tend to experience different types of stress than men as they tend to take on much more in terms of responsibility. Some times women can also be more eco-friendly than men, so when it comes to the right men’s toothpaste, it might be up to the female in the man’s life to push him to buy the right product for his health.  But is not always the case, and we do not intend to generalize ;) 

My Thoughts About Toothpaste for Men

My thought is that toothpaste doesn’t have to necessarily be geared specifically toward men rather than for everyone. The right product that’s all-natural is more than enough for helping men practice good oral hygiene so they can keep their teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Of course, it’s equally important to have regular six-month visits to the dental office to maintain good oral health as well.

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