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The Harms Of Chemicals To Oral Health

Practicing good oral hygiene is important for your overall health. However, to get the maximum benefit from your dental care products, you should make sure you avoid those that contain chemicals. Products with chemicals can harm your oral health and your health, in general.

Why Should You Avoid Products with Chemicals?

Certain types of dental floss, toothpaste and mouthwash are made with harsh chemicals that can adversely affect your health. There have been studies performed on various oral health care products. Toxic floss has been found to increase a person’s risk of cancer and heart disease.

Some of the more popular types of floss on the market were determined to have high levels of perfluorohexane sulfuric acid or PFHxS, which is one of the many toxic chemicals that can cause harm to your health. Women who used these types of floss were found to have higher concentrations of this chemical in their blood. PFHxS is a type of chemical included in a class of chemicals known as PFAS. These substances are typically found in everyday household items like nonstick cookware.

Chemicals in toothpaste that should be avoided include triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, parabens, diethanolamine and even fluoride. Many of these chemicals adversely affect the hormones in the body and could potentially cause some types of cancer. Propylene glycol has been linked to damage to the heart, liver, kidneys and central nervous system.

In the case of fluoride, although it’s long been recommended for strong, healthy teeth, it has been shown to have adverse effects on children’s cognitive development. Studies have also revealed that too much fluoride can lead to spots on the teeth and negative health effects.

Mouthwash isn’t safe when it comes to harmful ingredients. Typical products contain methyl salicylate, ethanol and chlorehexindine gluconate. These chemicals can lead to poisoning, oral cancer and elevated blood pressure and heart disease.

It’s important to avoid the average toxic floss and chemical toothpaste you can find at just any store. These products have harsh substances that have been frequently linked with health problems such as cancer, heart disease, liver damage and immune system problems. Using oral health products with these chemicals can result in those substances lingering in your body for years to come. They are also harmful to the environment and can have long-lasting negative effects.

Why Should You Use Organic Dental Care Products?

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In vast contrast to harmful oral care products, those that are organic can provide a variety of benefits. Organic dental floss and toothpaste do not contain PFHxS or any other toxic chemicals. As a result, you don’t have to worry about potentially developing cancer or heart disease years in the future when you use them. Organic dental care products are completely safe and natural, so they won’t pose any serious risks to your oral health or your general health as a whole.

When you use organic dental health products, you can also have the peace of mind of using products that are friendly to the environment. While the remnants of chemical toothpaste and other like items seep into the water system and soil and can cause problems, organic products pose no such threat. If you prefer practicing your daily healthcare routine in a way that’s eco-friendly and all-natural, using organic toothpaste, floss and other oral hygiene products is the way to go.

What Dental Products Include Dangerous Chemicals?

One of the most notable dental care products to contain dangerous chemicals such as PFHxS is the popular Oral-B Glide dental floss. PFAS are known as “forever chemicals,” which means they can stay in the body long after a person has stopped using the product.

Other popular products with chemicals include Crest Glide Deep Clean Cool Mint floss, Colgate Total dental floss mint and a CVS Pharmacy brand floss. Popular types of mouthwash like Listerine and toothpastes by brands such as Crest and Colgate are known for having toxic chemicals.

If you are looking to avoid toxic floss and other dental care products that contain harsh chemicals, you will want to avoid these products. Going all-natural and organic can help improve your oral health and your overall general health.

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