organic baby teeth

How to Clean Your Baby's Teeth Naturally and Safely

Oral health is an important part of every human's life. In your baby, it's even more important. You don't want to introduce harsh chemicals into your baby's mouth. Yet leaving your baby's oral health alone can lead to serious problems later in life. One method for cleaning your baby's mouth and keeping harsh chemicals away from them is to use natural products. Here are a few tips on how to clean your baby's teeth in a safe and natural way.

1. Use Biodegradable Gauze

A mistake that many parents make with their babies is waiting to clean their teeth until they start to sprout. You should still clean your baby's teeth even if they haven't come in yet. Not only does this introduce your baby to the concept of brushing, but it can also help keep their gums protected.

Take some biodegradable gauze and wrap it around your finger. Gently wipe it across your baby's gums to remove excess food and keep their gums clean.

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