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How To Heal Hole in Teeth Naturally?

You Realize That There Is a Hole in Your Teeth?

It’s possible for a hole to form in your teeth. One of the main causes is injury. Your tooth may experience a high-impact fracture. The fracture may start to widen and grow until a hole forms.

Another common cause of a hole is poor dental hygiene. If you don’t take care of your teeth using proper ingredients, then it may start to cause decay. A cavity may form and widen until a hole emerges.

Both instances can cause a lot of pain and may lead to even worse problems in the future.

The Symptoms

One of the main symptoms you’ll notice is pain. Because a hole means the sensitive interior of your tooth is vulnerable, you’ll experience pain doing anything with your mouth. You’ll especially feel pain when you eat or chew. Food may enter the hole and touch the vulnerable pulp within it.

Bacteria may also grow inside of the hole and start to cause the pulp to decay. This can cause serious pain.

Other symptoms include tooth sensitivity and a visible hole. Even if you don’t experience pain yet, you may find that drinking hot or cold beverages causes a slight ache in your tooth.

If you carefully inspect your tooth, then you may even see the hole, itself.

The Pain Comes From Teeth Hole

The reason that you experience pain when you have a hole in your teeth is because of the pulp that exists in the interior of your tooth. It’s tissue that has blood flowing through it. Because the protective layer of enamel is gone, bacteria and debris can enter the tooth.

The tissue is already sensitive to touch. When debris touches it, sends a shockwave of pain through you. Bacteria can cause the tissue to rot. An infection may occur and spread to your other teeth as well.

Because the tissue is also embedded within your jaw, your entire jaw may ache or feel sore.

How to heal hole in teeth

Is It Possible To Heal a Hole in Teeth?

Certain holes, like cavities, can be filled. As long as the destruction isn’t too much, it’s possible that a dentist can use a filling to keep bacteria from entering the interior of a tooth.

If the hole is too large or is part of a chipped tooth, then the dentist may need to remove it or place a cap on it. This ensures that the pulp stays safe and healthy.

One of the best ways to ensure you don’t have a hole in your teeth is by preventing its emergence in the first place. A fantastic prevention method is by using natural ingredients.

Natural Ways to Heal Teeth Hole

The best cure is prevention ! Oil pulling with natural oils like extra virgin coconut oil, a mineral rich diet, and natural oral care products are a must. Certain natural ingredients can help kill bacteria and plaque that cause holes to form. Using a toothpaste that contains clove oil, for example, can be a great way to stop the growth of a hole in your teeth. Clove oil fights inflammation which can ease some pain that you’re experiencing. It also helps remineralize your enamel which can strengthen it against plaque and bacteria.

Peppermint oil is another natural ingredient that can heal teeth holes. It also helps fight pain and can actually kill bacteria. Using a toothpaste or mouthwash that contains peppermint can stop holes from forming.

Finally, you should use a natural toothbrush like one made from bamboo. It’s important to change out your toothbrushes. Bacteria can collect on the bristles. Food debris can become stuck at its base. Using bamboo toothbrushes keeps your teeth clean and helps fight climate change.

Use Organic Products To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

If you want to find the best organic products to keep your teeth healthy, then you need to check our organic toothpaste and mouthwashes, with natural ingredients and packaging designed to minimize our carbon footprint.

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