5 Steps of Using Mouthwash Correctly

5 Steps of Using Mouthwash Correctly

Are You Washing Your Mouth Correctly?

Brushing alone can't clean your mouth entirely. Using mouthwash is a great way to help destroy bacteria that are lurking in the harder to reach areas of your mouth. Yet you may not be doing it in the most efficient or effective way. Here are a few tips on how to use mouthwash the best way.

1. Choose The Right Kind of Mouthwash

Not all washes are created equal. Some are more effective than others. Some are also capable of causing damage to your teeth longterm. The first step that you should follow is to use a natural mouthwash. Made from natural ingredients, an organic mouthwash is just as effective as the traditional chemical-based mouthwashes. However, they're actually safer.

The idea of swirling harsh chemicals in your vulnerable mouth isn't ideal. Many types of mouthwash warn not to ingest them, yet you can't stop ingesting some just because of the natural way of using mouthwash. You swirl it in your mouth. As a result, some of it is going to end up being absorbed by your mouth.

Natural mouthwashes remove that problem. They're effective in killing bacteria in your mouth but are still safe for your body to absorb.

2. Don't Dilute The Organic Mouthwash with Water

Using Mouthwash Correctly

Depending on what type of mouthwash you use, you'll need to measure out a certain amount. That's the amount needed to effectively kill the bacteria inside your mouth. With that amount measured, you shouldn't dilute it with water. Mouthwash can have a strong flavor, and you may feel tempted to dilute it with water to help ease its flavor. This isn't a practice that you should undergo.

Diluting it with water makes the wash less effective. You may not kill all of the bacteria in your mouth. Simply place the correct amount of mouthwash inside of your mouth as it is.

3. Swirl The Mouthwash for 30 Seconds For Your Teeth Health 

People typically don't use mouthwash correctly because they don't time themselves. Organic mouthwashes require the full 30 seconds to effectively kill bacteria. The best way to ensure that you're swirling for the correct amount of time is to use a stopwatch on your phone. You can also choose to play a song and keep an eye on the progress of the song.

Swirling is also important. This action involves the use of the tongue to move the mouthwash around your mouth. You should also be applying suction and pressure with your cheeks to move the wash across the back of your teeth and against your tongue.

4. Gargle With Mouthwash for 10 Seconds

Another step that users of mouthwash typically forget is to gargle. A lot of bacteria exist in the back of your throat since that's where mucus gathers. When you get a sore throat, for example, it's that area that typically becomes infected. During your 30-second swirling, perhaps even right at the end, gargle with the wash for 10 seconds.

Exposed to the natural mouthwash, the bacteria will perish, and you'll be able to fend off a sore throat.

5. Spit and Don't Rinse

After the 30 seconds is over, you'll want to spit the mouthwash into the sink. It's vital that you don't rinse your mouth with water afterward. The mouthwash needs to linger inside of your mouth for several minutes. It's also important that you don't drink anything for at least a half-hour after using a mouthwash.

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