3 Tips To Clean Your Tongue Properly

3 Tips To Clean Your Tongue Properly

The Importance of Cleaning Your Tongue

A lot of attention is given to cleaning your teeth and gums. However, another vital part of your mouth to clean is your tongue. Bacteria run rampant on your tongue. By leaving the bacteria there, you're allowing it to penetrate your gums, and eventually, you'll succumb to gum disease. The best way to protect your teeth and oral health is by regularly cleaning your tongue. There are a few different methods on how to do just this. Here are some of the most popular ways.

1. Brushing Your Tongue

Those who regularly brush their teeth should add one step further to ensure their mouth is as clean as possible. By using a toothbrush, you can clean your tongue of bacteria. While it may not be the most effective method, it is one of the easiest.

Simply brush your tongue from the back and move forwards. The back of your tongue is the hardest part to reach and is likely the most-laden with bacteria and plaque. Instead of brushing backward, which will only make it harder to clean that bacteria in the future, you should brush forward.

You'll also want to clean your toothbrush after using it to clean your tongue since it will be saturated with bacteria and food particles.

2. Use a Mouthwash

Rinsing your mouth with a wash can also help destroy bacteria. When added to brushing your tongue, this method is even more effective. You'll want to be mindful of the kind of mouthwash you use to clean your tongue. Stay away from washes with fluoride or gluten as they can make problems worse for your oral health. 

Instead, try a natural mouthwash that is designed to kill bacteria. This will ensure that any lingering bacteria on your tongue is utterly destroyed. 

3. Tongue Scrapers

One of the most effective ways of cleaning your tongue is with a tongue scraper. These are designed for tongue-cleaning specifically. There are two main materials used for tongue scrapers, though you may find more natural products. They are plastic and metal. 

Similar to your toothbrush, you'll want to move the scraper from the base of your tongue to the front. You'll want to rinse the scraper between each scrape to ensure you're not just re-introducing bacteria back to your tongue.

The best way to rinse the scraper is with warm water.

You'll also want to spit out any saliva that is lingering in your mouth. It's possible that the saliva has collected the bacteria that you were scraping off. You'll want to repeat scraping your tongue at least five times. You may also need to adjust where the scraper runs to ensure every inch of your tongue is cleaned off.

Some might experience problems with their gag reflex. One tip is to scrape your tongue before you consume any food. Another is just to avoid going too far back and triggering a gag reflex. Eventually, you'll train your reflex to recognize the motion and sensation of tongue scraping, so it won't be triggered as easily.

Once you're done with your scraper, it's vital that you clean in it and store it in a place where it can dry without becoming contaminated.

The best practice is to scrape your tongue with a scraper at least twice a day.

Start Cleaning Your Tongue Today

After you start regularly cleaning your tongue, you'll likely notice that is healthier looking. Your bad breath may also be cured. Try these methods altogether to receive the most effective and thorough tongue-cleaning practice. You'll love how your tongue looks and feels when done.

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