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21 Every Day Uses of PEPPERMINT Essential oil

Peppermint oil is one of the most versatile essential oils you will find. Its wide range of healing abilities makes it a favorite. Tons of research has shown and continues to show its great benefits. Peppermint oil is a versatile oil that can help with various problems. Its main component, called menthol, has been found to be useful for:

  • Digestion
  • Fighting infections
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Easing tiredness
  • Soothing sore muscles
  • Clearing congestion
  • Dealing with allergies
  • Easing headaches
  • Freshening breath

There are more ways to use peppermint oil, like keeping bugs away or making your breath smell better. Let's explore the ways you can use it for better health and life!

  1. Boost Energy: When you need a pick-me-up, try peppermint oil. It's been shown to improve both physical and mental energy just five minutes after using it. You can smell it directly or use it in a diffuser, and you can even add a drop to a glass of water.

  2. Get Rid of Dandruff: If you have dandruff, peppermint oil can help. It fights fungus and microbes that cause dandruff. Just add a few drops to your shampoo and massage it into your scalp while you shower.

get rid of dandruff
  1. Add to your Favorite Lucky Teeth Toothpaste and Mouthwash for an extra Boost:  Our products have many essential oils, but none of them overpowering.  IF YOU  like that punch of minty flavor in your mouth, add a few drops to the jar and stir.  
  2. Relieve Muscle Pain: Menthol in peppermint helps reduce pain and inflammation in sore muscles. Mix some drops with coconut oil and rub it onto sore areas.

  3. Soothe Joint Pain: Peppermint oil's menthol can also help with joint pain. Mix it with olive or coconut oil and rub it on sore joints.

  4. Curb Cravings: Using peppermint oil might help you avoid overeating by making you feel less hungry. You can put a few drops in a diffuser before meals or dilute it and rub it on your chest.

  5. Reduce Allergies: Peppermint oil can help with allergy symptoms like coughing and congestion by clearing mucus. Use a diffuser with eucalyptus oil in your home.

peppermint oil for allergies

  1. Cool Rashes and Itching: For itchy skin, peppermint oil's cooling effect can help. Mix it with olive oil and apply to the itchy area.

  2. Repel Bugs: Peppermint oil keeps bugs away. Mix it with a carrier oil and apply it to your skin, or add it to your cleaning products.

  3. Calm Acne: Peppermint oil's antibacterial properties can help with acne. Mix it with jojoba oil and apply to affected areas.

  4. Relieve Headaches: Peppermint oil can ease headaches. Mix it with a carrier oil and rub on your temples or neck.

  5. Promote Hair Growth: Massaging peppermint oil into your scalp can make your hair thicker and promote growth. Add a few drops to your shampoo.

  6. Relieve Bloating: Peppermint oil can help with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. Take it in capsules or mix with a carrier oil and apply to your abdomen.

  7. Reduce Nausea: Peppermint oil might help with nausea and vomiting. Take capsules when you feel nauseous.

  8. Freshen Breath: Peppermint oil fights bacteria and freshens breath. Look for toothpaste with peppermint or make a breath spray.

  9. Combat Bacterial Infections: Peppermint oil fights many bacteria and fungi. Follow the recommended dosage on capsule forms.

  10. Relieve Stress: Peppermint oil relaxes and refreshes. Inhale its scent or use it in a diffuser.

  11. Boost Exercise Performance: Peppermint oil can improve breathing and oxygen levels, helping athletes perform better.

  12. Soothe a Sore Throat: Peppermint oil's cooling effect can soothe a sore throat. Gargle or inhale steam with a few drops in water.

  13. Clear a Stuffy Nose: Peppermint oil's antibacterial properties can help with congestion. Diffuse it at home during colds.

  14. Sharpen Memory: Peppermint oil can improve concentration and memory. Dilute it with carrier oil and apply or inhale it.

As you can see, peppermint oil has many uses. Keep a bottle in your home and it will become a favorite in your medicinal cabinet.  It is also a great gift for those you care and love.  Get your Peppermint Oil now !  

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