Which Ingredients Should A Natural Toothpaste Have?

Which Ingredients Should A Natural Toothpaste Have?

Checking the Toothpaste Ingredients

One habit that more consumers need to adopt is checking the ingredients label on their products. If they started doing so, then they'd likely put away many of the products that they intended to purchase. This is because reading the ingredients makes you aware of just how dangerous they can be. There's a comfort in ignorance, but that isn't excusable when it comes to protecting your health and the health of your family. When it comes to natural toothpaste, there are a few ingredients that it needs to have and there are a few ingredients that it should definitely not include. Here are some toothpaste ingredients to watch out for and some to look for. 

1. Stay Away From Propylene Glycol

You'll often find propylene glycol in many different kinds of makeup and toothpaste. If you see this ingredient, then you should never buy the product. Propylene glycol is actually the active ingredient in anti-freeze. It's what causes anti-freeze to be so deadly.
Do you really want to brush something that kills all over your teeth and gums? Your mouth is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of your body. There's a constant war of bacteria waging in there. The last thing you should do to your mouth is slowly poison it with propylene glycol.

2. Watch Out for Fluoride

Another problem is the emphasis on fluoride. It's practically everywhere and inside every oral product known to man. This isn't a good thing. While a little bit of fluoride can be a great way to help prevent cavities, the real problem runs with being overexposed to it. Considering how much fluoride is in everything, overexposure is extremely easy.

Those who receive city water is likely receiving fluoride whenever they drink a glass of water. If you're also using a toothpaste and mouthwash that contains fluoride, then you're even more exposed.

Fluoride is toxic when ingested at high levels. While you may be over the days of eating toothpaste, your children may not be. Overexposing them to fluoride can kill them.

When it comes to natural toothpaste, you want to make sure that it doesn't contain fluoride. The fluoride treatments that you receive at the dentist are all that you need for six months.

3. Be Aware of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

A popular ingredient used in natural toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate. While this isn't toxic or lethal, it does have abrasive tendencies. It can become so abrasive that it can actually cause small tears in your mouth. When bacteria fill the tears, a canker sore forms.

This can cause someone a lot of misery, especially children. It certainly won't kill anyone, but if you're wary of canker sores, then you may want to avoid natural kinds of toothpaste that contain this ingredient.

A better alternative is sodium lauroyl sarcosinate. This is similar to lauryl sulfate except that it's milder and less abrasive.

4. Avoid Titanium Dioxide

Another ingredient that is sometimes used in natural pastes is titanium dioxide. This chemical has been flagged by some scientists as a possible carcinogen. Until more research is done, it's best to avoid this ingredient.

5. Ingredients to Look For

A few ingredients that you should look for in your organic toothpaste are ingredients like charcoal, minerals, tree tea oil, baking soda, sea salt, and oils from herbs and flowers.

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